Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Combat Control School Association Restructuring

A Memo to all Combat Controllers

Subject: Restructuring of the Combat Control School Association and WebSite Update


The staff of the Combat Control School Association (CCSA) is in the process of restructuring the association. The goal is to better serve the Combat Control community through improved historical preservation and fund raising techniques.

Over the past 60 days the CCSA staff has looked at other organizations and historical programs; ie, groups and programs with similar interests as the CCSA. The goal is to improve the preservation of Combat Control history. The investigation suggested that we need to restructure and become a Historical Foundation. As a Historical Foundation we will operate under the umbrella of the 501(C) 3. This will give us more flexibility and

* Allow us to earmark funds under the one account for numerous projects.

* Open doors to federal funding for qualified projects.

These two examples are just a few of the benefits that will be open for us as a Foundation insofar as funding. In addition, the new foundation will select members to serve on the Board of Governors. As an example,we would anticipate that governing members of the CCA would be selected to serve on the Board of Governors. This would serve to improve communications between the new foundation and the community it is designed to support.

Web Site Update

In the past we were a .com we are now a .org.

The correct site address is<>

Chief Lyons

Monday, May 14, 2007

720 STG STO/CCT of the Year winners

On behalf of Col Stratton,
The 720th STG would like to congratulate this years 720 STG Combat Controllers of the Year. These milestones were achieved based on the outstanding performance and accomplishments of these individuals. Their dedication to AFSOC, and specifically to the ST mission, truly set them apart. Again, congratulations for being singled out for this truly prestigious award.

STO of the Year: 1Lt Stewart Parker 21 STS

CCT SNCO of the Year: MSgt Anthony Baldwin 24 STS

CCT NCO of the Year: TSgt Richard Jaillett 24 STS

CCT Amn of the Year: SrA Dean Conner 23 STS

Please congratulate them for their outstanding achievements.