Thursday, December 13, 2012

Looking for Dyess Team members

Former members (60s and 70s) of the Dyess, Travis, & Dover AFB Teams: I would normally ask this of Clyde Howard or of "Moe" Lattimore: however, since they ,evidentially, are no longer with us- any of you who may remember James M. ( Jack ) Jackson (the NCO who came to Dyess from Webb AFB or from Mather AFB to Travis or from Andrews AFB to Dover. Sgt  Howard  I knew from Travis and Udorn, Thailand and North from both Dyess and Dover all for the purpose of jumping with  you ( I taught escape parachuting to air crew members ). I can't recall all the names of all the others. I, at the time, was a Physiological Training Instructor (now called Aerospace Physiology). I later became a member of the team at Dyess. I made some good friends among you and would like to establish contact with any of you whom I knew. Especially the guys at Udorn who gave me such a rousing evening when I dropped in on Clyde in 72 or 73 when I was coming through to make a jump with Mitrapab the next day.
Jack Jackson

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Comms Specialist Opportunity in Afghanistan

The qualified applicant will become part of Northrop Grumman's Counter Narcoterrorism Global Support team working on a Rotary Wing Operations project in Kabul, Afghanistan. This is a 90/30 day rotating position that requires 90 day rotations in Afghanistan/30 days in a U.S. based office. While not deployed, work may be performed from home location.

Roles and Responsibilities:  

• Responsible for the direct training and mentoring of all Flight Operations personnel through the successful delivery of individual communications training, equipment maintenance, communications classes and operational support.

• Provide communications support to all Flight Operations personnel during training and while on operational missions.

• Provide direct communications support to Government Officials through mission planning, mission briefs and operational support.

• Maintain a TS level COMSEC account with US and Coalition Forces.

• Maintain communication equipment inventories.

• Prepare and deliver communication briefings to a vast array of government dignitaries, Coalition Forces and other Federal Organizations.

• Maintain and operate tactical radios to include: AN/PRC 117F/G, AN/PRC 152, AN/PRC-148 and the CSEL Survival Radio.   


Basic Qualifications:  

• Bachelor’s degree and 9 years of relevant military communications experience (equivalent to E-7 preferred), 13 years of relevant military communications experience may be taken in lieu of a degree.

• Instructional knowledge pertaining to programming, setup and maintenance of the following types of equipment (i.e Motorola Radios, HF Radios, AN/PRC-117F, AN/PRC-152, AN/PRC-117G, AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-150, CSEL Survival Radio, Garmin GPS, COMSEC Procedures)

• Possess the ability to create written lesson plans and to provide Communications specific instruction to Flight Operations personnel using lesson plans, training aids and through practical exercises.

• Position requires a current Secret Clearance with the ability to obtain and maintain Top Secret Clearance.   

Preferred Qualifications:

Candidates with these desired skills will be given preferential consideration: 

• Recent and relevant experience operating in Afghanistan

• Special Operations Forces (SOF) background with Subject Matter Expertise in Fixed Wing/Helicopter Operations and Professional Instruction

• Computer skills pertaining to advanced Networking, Security, Computer rebuilding, Printer configuration, specific software updating, specific radio programming software, Microsoft Windows XP/Vista, Microsoft Server 2007, Microsoft Office 2007.

Bob Kinder
President for U.S. Operations, DTI
Cell (360)561-1830

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Monday, December 10, 2012


1-10 Feb 2013

Why Not?  Originally the idea was brought up by several guys that wanted to come visit Mort Freedman. But, it appears that the guys that suggested it can not come and Mort may also be a no show due to deteriorating health.  But, we already have a handfull of guys, so we will press on with the reunion.

More info at:

Friday, December 7, 2012

Your Board of Directors had an awesome meeting last night.

The November BOD meeting minutes were approved and we will post on the CCA website.

We have one new Regular Life Member, Bernie Santos, who upgraded from annual membership. The BOD also voted to present Mrs. Alisa Barnes, mother of SrA Ty Barnes who passed in August, with an Associate Life Membership.
We have begun coordination on some new initiatives:
-CCT Hall of Fame, Rick Crutchfield volunteered to find a Chairman to organize this committee—looking to award at the next banquet.
-CCT Scholarship, Chris Larkin volunteered to coordinate with the family of one of our fallen to permanently memorialize the young man with a scholarship in his name; our intent is to provide this scholarship to a combat controller or family member enrolled in college—looking to award at the next banquet.
-Wounded Warrior needs, Sam Schindler volunteered to start a committee with an end goal to provide for immediate financial needs for CCT members.
-Individual and Corporate sponsorships, Mickey Wright will work to start this program.
-Tony Terrando proposed a budget and is working with our webmaster, Barry Gayles at Webvision to add a “DONATE/SPONSORSHIP” webpage connected to our CCA website.

Contact me directly for more information on any of the programs or to donate to one of the initiatives.

Additionally the CCA approved sponsorship of the Silver Star Wall and some of the displays at CCS and AFC statue at the Maxwell. Your BOD also voted to formalize the President’s Award and Active Duty CCT Award adding them to the Fox and Bennett Awards at CCS and Chapman Award at STTS.

Mickey Wright
CCA President