Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tim Davis/Special Tactics Memorial March

Update at link below:

Hello all. Well, we are less than a week out and I want to thank all of you that have supported our efforts thus far. For those of you that do not know what we are about to embark upon please read on for a short synopsis. For more detailed info visit our official website at

Our team is honoring SSgt Tim Davis and the other men of Combat Control/Special Tactics that have made the ultimate sacrifice by making a little trek. Tim Davis lost his life in the line of duty February 20, 2009. Tim was a true selfless hero and the consummate quiet professional.

The idea for the event came from a similar movement that some of you might remember. A 600 mile run event that took place in 1999 was a great success in which a team of 10 Air Force Special Operations Command folks ran in support of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Ret CMSgt Wayne Norrad pointed us in the right direction for our own version of a similar event and we were off.

Six teams of two men will relay from San Antonio, TX, to Ft Walton Bch, FL. We depart Medina Annex 6 Oct 09 at around 0500 and hope to arrive at the Special Tactics Training Squadron, Hurlburt Field FL, by 1500 on the 16th of October. This will be a road march with ruck sacks (hiking packs) and will be carrying 50 pounds each.

Why would we possibly think that we can take 12 men and walk 824 miles across the South East United States in 10 days? Has any of us attempted anything like this before? No… And to be honest, I am not sure that we are going to finish this journey with all that start. But what I can guarantee is that we will make every effort to honor our fallen brothers to the best of our ability. We will have our brothers there guiding us in the early morning hours and into the late nights.

To honor Tim and the other 11 Special Tactics operators that have fallen, our team will carry batons (made by our very own Al Hooper) that represent those men that are no longer with us. These batons will be handed off to the Special Tactics Training Squadron to be displayed in their hall of heroes. The other Combat Control members that we are honoring are Derek Argel, John Chapman, Casey Crate, Jeremy Fresques, Will Jefferson, Scott Sather and Adam Servias. Special Tactics Pararescuemen that are also being honored are Scott Duffman, Will Mc Daniel, Jason Cunningham and Juan Ridout. These men are truly missed in our ranks and we are honored to raise awareness of their sacrifice.

After much jockeying around deployments, injuries and just plain determination, our final team make up is Sam Schindler, Ken Huhman, Tony Travis, Chris Grove, Joe Hepler, Ryan Carter, Ashley Spurlin, Adam Malson, Jesse Schrader, Dave White, Pat Barnett and Tim Hoye.

First thoughts were a simple 6 man team taking individual legs across the route with very little support and the event being pretty low key. There was much more interest of involvement than expected and the level of volunteers to support has been incredible. We have people taking time out of their busy schedules to take 10 whole days to remember our fallen and spread the word about our warriors in the field. This event is permissive TDY for those supporting us and those participating. I am amazed at all the effort we have seen across the spectrum of local and military communities.

I assure you that this will be a great event and a challenge for us all. I hope to see all of you at the reunion and we appreciate any support that you may give us on our travels or through donations on our website.

Sam Schindler

More info about this operation:

CCT @ The Eye of the Storm

CCT @ The Eye of the Storm (EOS) Mission Complete - On 26 September, 2009 I delivered the last of more than 550 books to the US Post Office. The final group included eight boxes of books headed to APO AA, AE, and AP addresses.

I have a minor concern for the APO group as the books may be delayed by surface delivery regulations. According to the Post Office, it could take 30-days or more for delivery. But keep the faith, “they're in the mail.”

The following are some facts that may be of interest.

The LARGEST ORDER came from the 720th Special Tactics Group. It was a consolidated order of 55 books compiled by LTC Jerry Kung (LM-524). Mike McRenyolds (LM-173), of Sgt Mac's Bar was a close second with an order of more than 50 books. My special thanks to these dedicated Combat Controllers.

The MOST DISTANT ORDER came from Richard Connell (LM-853) in Canberra, Australia. Richard is an instructor in an Australian Military Academy.

BOOK DELIVERY - I am 99% certain that everyone will have their book(s) by 1 November 2009.

If you have not gotten your book by 1 November, let me know. I will make arrangements to send another.

FUTURE BOOK SALES – I will have book signing sessions at the CCT Reunion, 14-18 October and the Airlift Tanker Association Reunion, in Nashville, 28-30 October. At both events, books will be on sale at the discounted price of $50.00 each.

Books are still available at .

COMBAT CONTROL SUPPORT – It is impossible to properly thank everyone in the CCT Community for their outstanding support of the CCT History Book Project. Without your generous support, the EOS would not have seen the light of day.

REUNION - I hope to see all of you at the Combat Control Association Reunion, Fort Walton Beach Ramada, 14 October 2009.

GENE ADCOCK (Ak)(352) 391-1269 Cell (352)255-81561027
Isle of Palms Path,
The Villages, FL 32162

Dear Ron,
Hello all,I just got off the phone with Gene Adcock. I wanted tell him that I got my books and what a beautiful book it is! He told me that no payment was necessary due to the Sgt. Mac's bar fundraiser. To all of you that contributed to our families getting a copy of this special gift, thank you. To Gene, thanks for all of your hard work. We only wish we could be there at the reunion to have it signed in person.

Thank you again! Deb

Monday, September 28, 2009

Steve's S.O.S. for SOWF

Just like an old buddy who you haven't heard from for a while, asking for dough. Well it's for a good cause. You may have seen on the CCA site, thanks to Ron, that I did a pretty challenging triathlon in the Catskill Mtns while raising money for SOWF. It's went fairly well. I managed to finish though continually adjusting my time goal through-out the day.

More importantly I needed to raise my fundraising goal because of generous donations from a mix of family, troopers, wife's co-workers, ex-ccter's. Even though Bob Martens mistakenly typoed a couple of zeros onto his donation, it definitely raised the bar. (Truly Bob that was much appreciated & served as a big motivator).

Since a few donations have come in since the race and we're nearing the $5000 mark, the site will stay open for a few more days.

So jump on! You can check it out at

Either way it felt good to say hey.

sjb 518-221-5266

Joe Orr has passed

Sadly, we just received word that retired CCT Joseph G. Orr (MSgt), CCA LM-113, finally lost his long battle with cancer and passed away on Friday night. I don’t have any more details at this time but will try and keep everyone posted as we learn more. Joe had been sick for some time but it is still a great loss to his family and the CCA. His friends were trying to figure out a way to get him down here for the reunion one last time but I guess God had other plans.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Combat Control Reunion Schedule

Wednesday – 14 October 2009
Registration 1200 – 1800
Hospitality Suite 1600 – 2200

Thursday – 15 October 2009
Special Tactics Display & Brief 1000
CMSgt Ramos Retirement 1200
CCA Barbeque 1300
Registration 1000 – 1800
Hospitality Suite 1700 – 2200
Country Store 1600 – 2000

Friday – 16 October 2009
Golf Tournament 0800
Ruck March Presentation 1500
Poker Tournament 1700 – 2300
Registration 1200 – 2200
Hospitality Suite 1200 – 2200
Country Store 1200 – 2000

Saturday – 17 October 2009
CCT Memorial Service 1000
CCA Business Meeting 1300
Banquet Check-In Start 1700
Cocktail hour 1730
CCA Banquet 1830
Registration 0900 – 1200
Hospitality Suite 1500 – 1730 & After Banquet
Country Store 1200 – 1700 & After Banquet

Sunday - 18 October 2009
Departure Day

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

CCT Employment Opportunity

Dalpar Corporation is interested in hiring retired and about to retire CCT guys.

Go to this link for more information:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chapman/Cunningham Honor Ride 11 Sept 09

Ceremony for Chapman/Cunningham Honor Ride is scheduled for Sept. 11 at 0903 at the Hurlburt Field Air Park.

A Memorial 5K Run is also taking place starting at 0746 at the same location.

Show early to register for the 5K run.

Donations accepted to benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Another CCT has passed

Paul Van Heffron
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Paul Van Heffron 1961-2009 Paul Van Heffron, 48 years old, was born May 27, 1961 at St. Anne's on the Sea, in England, and died at home in Boise, Idaho, on Aug. 23, 2009. He will be sorely missed by all who loved him, none more than his loving wife, Julie, and beautiful daughter, Sam. Paul met his future wife and forever soul mate, Julie, in November of 1991. Samantha Josephine completed their family with her joyfully anticipated arrival in October of 2007. Paul's passion for travel and adventure began during his tour of duty with the United States Air Force in 1981. He served as a Special Forces Combat Controller and was honorably discharged in 1987. Afterwards Paul continued to pursue his love of travel while working for an oil exploration company in such interesting places as Asia, Africa and South America. Second only to fatherhood was Paul's passion for free flight. He loved to compete in long-distance paragliding competitions all over the region and did so for many years. Paul was a kind and giving soul, a loving husband, and a gifted father. According to Julie, "Words cannot express the connection Paul had with Sam." He was exceedingly intuitive about her feelings; he could calm her, and had a sixth sense about what she needed, long before she was able to communicate. In keeping with his free spirit, love of travel, and sense of adventure, Paul's ashes will be released in flight, joined with the wind once again. We will shelter you forever with our love, Julie and Sam.

Published in Idaho Statesman on September 3, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pope/Bragg: AF Civilian Instructor (Combat Control School) GS-1712-11 Announcement

To All: Request your assistance in flowing the CCS Instructor position announcement below to all interested parties, Special Tactics, boards, websites, and info shares.

We are working to fill (1) position vacancy at the Pope/Bragg - CCT School.

The announcement for the above mentioned position open 9/2/2009 and close 9/21/09

Below are the application instructions:
1. The announcement is located on USAJOBS website at

2. Enter either of the (2) numbers below into the "What" box
The announcement number is AFPC-281457-708446-JJM USAJOBS Control Number is 1665290

3. Push the "Run Search" Button

4. Once the "No Match" page comes up, refer to the "Public or Status" section of the page (Top Left corner), and click on the "Status" Button....which will direct you to another page with the Position Link. Use the position link to apply for the position.

Other notes:
1. Remember to upload DD214 - Copy #4 (when avail), Transcripts (Associates Degree or higher required), Resume, VA 30% DV Certification (if applic).

2. Following completion of your application, forward me copies of the attachments listed above --- which will enable us to cross check the AFPC referral listing for completeness.

Please reply via e-mail if any questions arise.

Thanks for your assistance,
Scott Migdalski
342d TRS