Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Provide oversight of Joint Terminal Attack Control (JTAC) Program Management and training program while providing Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) support and instruction. Interested individuals will eventually be qualified as both SUAS pilot and trainer. Personnel must develop and maintain JTAC specific training folders for documentation and currency. Personnel are required to train selected personnel in JTAC operations.

Hurlburt Field, FLREQUIREMENTS: A minimum of 2 years JTAC experience as defined in AFI 13-112 Volumes 1 and 2. A JTAC-I or JTAC-SEE qualification is highly desirable. Individuals preferably should come from either the TACP/CCT/Combat Weather or another SOF related field. Applicants must have a current Secret security clearance. A Top Secret security clearance is desirable.

Medical, dental & vision,
Four Weeks of Paid Time Off
10 paid holidays
401(k) Retirement Plan Company paid
Short and Long Term Disability
Company paid Basic Life and AD&D Insurance
United Health Plan
Legal Resources PlanEducation/Tuition Reimbursement
Business Banking Membership
AND more….

CONTACT: Email resume and salary requirements to
outbind://82-000000003490A71E032A9A44B29DC0B753CCC9C6E4932A00/resumes@dcapsinc.com Please reference your name and this job title in the subject line. DCAPS is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).

Operation Support Specialist Position

It just left Hurlburt and has to make the wickets but should be out Sep or Oct time frame. It will only post for two weeks so interested parties need to be looking for it.

1 position "Operation Support Specialist" GS-11 will be coming out in USA jobs in the near future. This is for a open slot as a assault zone controller at Hurlburt.

Dewayne Morey, CIV
641-1380 DSN
850-881-1366 FAX

Mike LIsk Funeral Schedule

Dear CCT Brothers,

The following is the Viewing, informal Chapel, formal Funeral, and final Internment schedule for Brother Mike Lisk. Additionally, included is a special request for inputs to the “Living Testimony to Mike Lisk: In Memoriam” being put together by Robin Lisk for her family.

1 Sept 10, 0900 thru 2100, viewing at Hayhurst Funeral Home, Broken Arrow, OK. www.hayhurstfuneralhome.com

2 Sept 10, 0900 thru 1845, viewing at Hayhurst Funeral Home, Broken Arrow, OK .

2 Sept 10, 1900 thru 2100, Informal Mass for Michael Lisk at the Hayhurst Funeral Home, Broken Arrow, OK.

3 Sept 10, 1100, Formal Funeral Mass at St. Anne’s Catholic Church, Broken Arrow, OK.

3 Sept 10, 1300, The internment of Master Sergeant Michael Lisk, USAF Retired, at the National Cemetery, Fort Gibson OK. Full military honors will be given.

*** All Veterans, and active duty military personnel are invited and encouraged to wear their uniforms, if they desire.

3 Sept 10, Reception at St. Anne’s Catholic Church immediately follows the internment.

The closest major city to the events is Tulsa, OK (approx 25 miles away)

“A Living Testimony to Mike Lisk: In Memoriam”

Recognizing that the reach, and the scope of Mike’s friends literally stretches around the world, I want everyone to have the opportunity to be present at Mike’s funeral. You can be present physically, or in spirit by sending email inputs to the aforementioned “Living Testimony”. Robin, Mike’s widow, will compile all of the inputs into a special “journal” of sort, that all members of Mike’s family can have a copy of, and enjoy for the rest of their lives. If you want to mail your input, please email Robin Lisk and obtain their mailing address.

Each person is asked to make inputs to one, two, three or all 4 parts of the requested funeral event email input:

Part1: A 120 word (or less) msg to Mike Lisk that can be read at the informal chapel and/or the church service. Send a final personal msg to Mike thru this venue.

Part 2: A story of any length of something funny or noteworthy you did with, or knew about Mike Lisk. If you did not serve with Mike, just send a CCT story about the wonderful CCT Senior NCO’s that everyone can enjoy. Please keep it NC17 or less. This will most likely be read at the reception or afterwards.

Part 3: A msg to Mike’s children: Michael Jr. 38, Jennifer 29, Robert and Timmy, both 20. Please, using your very own words and style of writing; send a msg to the 4 children about their Dad. Share special thoughts about “Mouse” in this email memo to his children. I am convinced that special and tender words to his children, from his friends, will greatly exhort and honor the memory of Mike Lisk.

Part 4: Please email any pictures (no limit) that you might have of Mike. Additionally send pictures of yourself (then and now if possible). Mike’s family has been blessed with many wonderful stories of the Men that he served with. However, (like in so many cases) there are no faces to associate with the famous and infamous names, that they have heard about all of their lives, but have never met.

All of these emails complete with funeral msg, funny story, msg to children, and pictures will then be consolidated into the “Living Testimony to Mike Lisk: In Memoriam” that Mouse’s wife, children, sister, and entire family can enjoy for the rest of their lives. If this practice should become a tradition, possibly a copy can be sent to the CCA as a “living archive and testimony” of Brothers that have passed on.

Dear Brothers, none of the aforementioned 4 part items are mandatory. If you are able to attend in person, please do not feel pressured to wear your old uniform (that you may no longer fit into). We must handle death and sadness in our own personal way. The aforementioned suggestions have been made for those that want to participate, but cannot attend Mike’s funeral in person. Those who can attend in person are also encouraged to bring inputs for the “Living Testimony”.

Robin Lisk, has been deeply moved by the outpouring of love, tears, and support coming from Mike’s CCT family. She thanks all for their concern, affection, and love.

I also thank you all for responding so sincerely to the sad news about Bother Mike Lisk’s passing.

God Bless you all! God Bless our Nation!

Leo G.A. Fuller

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mike Lisk has passed

CCT Brothers,
I just received a call from Robin Lisk, wife of Mike Lisk.

Mike Lisk passed away this morning 29 Aug 2010 at 0930 CST, of a massive heart attack. He was 63 years old.

Mike had not shown any problems prior to this.

Funeral arrangements are being made.Robin Lisk's cell phone number is 918-728-5081.

I cant believe that Mouse is gone. I loved him like a brother so much. I wish that I had told him that recently.

Mike has visited us here in SoCal a few times. It was always a big event when he came. My family adored him.I love all of you. I am no waiting to tell you guys this anymore.I am in shock. I do not know what to feel.

Please pass the word.

Leo Fuller

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Special Tactics Spouses Club

WHEN: 1 October 2010
WHERE: Gator Lakes GC

RSVP: 30 September 2010
Check-In : 0700
Shotgun Start : 0800

COST: $40 Non-Course Members
$35 Course Members
(Includes Green Fees/Carts)

FORMAT: Shotgun Start, four-player teams (Tactical Survival Pack Available for purchase)

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!!

And lots of other Prizes!!!

Registration: Contact Brandy Lockhart
850-226-3225 or
email BLLockhart13@gmail.com

Proceeds benefit Spouses Club activities

Lt Col STO selectees list

Lt Col STO selectees list. Hooah!

K. "Jay" Daniels, - 321 STS/CC - Mildenhall RAF, UK
Chris Larkin, -23 STS/CC - Hurlburt Field, FL
Jason Self - Air Force Intern Program - Maxwell AFB, AL
John Traxler - 320 STG/CC - Kadena AB, JA


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ATC Advertisement

Go further with your career than you ever imagined with KBR.

KBR is one of the world's largest government services contractors. We have a rich history providing engineering, construction and military support services to a wide range of customers. Our 60,000 employees working in 49 countries around the world have earned an exceptional reputation as delivering on even the most complex assignments.

KBR is comprised of two distinct business units: Government and Infrastructure and Energy and Chemicals. Our Government and Infrastructure division has, for more than 60 years, provided a broad range of vital services to military and civilian branches of governments worldwide. The division also is a leader in program and construction management for roads, bridges, airports and other large infrastructure projects.

From local cities and towns to remote and challenging locations, KBR Government and Infrastructure goes wherever our clients need us.

Our "We Deliver" philosophy means we are looking for talented individuals who are ready to take their career to the next level, providing best-in-class solutions while enjoying the rewards of work that's a real adventure.

Air Traffic Controller:

Control air traffic on and within vicinity of airport and movement of air traffic between altitude sectors and control centers according to established procedures and policies. Authorize, regulate, and control commercial airline flights according to government or company regulations to expedite and ensure flight safety. Organize flight plans and traffic management plans to prepare for planes about to enter assigned airspace. Provide flight path changes or directions to emergency landing fields for pilots traveling in bad weather or in emergency situations. Compile information about flights from flight plans, pilot reports, radar, and observations. Relay to control centers such air traffic information as courses, altitudes, and expected arrival times. Transfer control of departing flights to traffic control centers and accept control of arriving flights. Complete daily activity reports and keep records of messages from aircraft. Initiate and coordinate searches for missing aircraft. Inspect, adjust, and control radio equipment and airport lights. Review records and reports for clarity and completeness, and maintain records and reports as required under federal law. Alert airport emergency services in cases of emergency and when aircraft are experiencing difficulties. Undergraduate degree preferred plus 2-4 years experience or equivalent. Valid air controller license required.

Graduate from an Air Traffic Control course either military or civilian and hold an ATC pink-card
Have at least one tower rating - CTOs are preferred
Have a Secret security clearance or have had one within the last two years
Be able to obtain a Army class 4 flight physical – have a current FAA class 2 is preferred as this will streamline the process for a class 4

Additional requirements:

Must be fluent in English
Must possess passport book (not passport card) with at least 12 months of remaining validity AND with at least 4 blank visa/stamp pages (front and back) remaining
Must possess driver’s license with at least 6 months of remaining validity

It should be understood that employment may be located in potentially dangerous areas, including combat or war zones. This might involve the possibility of suffering harm by dangerous forces or friendly fire. These dangers are inherent to working conditions in a dangerous environment.

All candidates must be willing to sign a one year open ended agreement following a minimum of 14 days of processing in Houston. Interested, qualified candidates must apply online at: www.kbrjobs.com.

KBR is an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workplace.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Air Commando Association Reunion October 6-10

General Secord has asked me to put the word out to encourage Eagle Claw/Rice Bowl/Desert One participants (direct or support) to attend the banquet of the ACA reunion on October 9. The focus of the reunion will be the importance of Eagle Claw in the buildup of Special Ops. He wants us to sit together at the banquet. Please help me get the word out. Ticket order form is attached. The word “ Eagle Claw Participant” should be written in on the form to facilitate the seating arrangement. Another reason to attend is Kiraly being inducted into the ACA hall of fame.

Roland D Guidry
Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

Valerie Novak Chapman Nessel on the Glenn Beck Program

Former wife of Combat Controller and Air Force Cross recipient TSgt John Chapman, K.I.A. will be on the Glenn Beck program to discuss the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. This program will air Wed 25 Aug 10 at 5pm EST/4pm CST.

Friday, August 20, 2010

'We' can accomplish so much more than 'I'

By Brig. Cen. Darryl Burke
82nd Training Wing commander

SHEPPARD Air Force Base, Texas – Staff Sgt. Zachary Rhyner is one of only three Airmen since Sept. 11, 2001, to receive the Air Force's highest honor, the Air Force Cross, and the only one who did not receive it posthumously.

A combat controller, Sergeant Rhyner saved countless lives by calling in more than 50 “danger close" air strikes, many virtually on top of his own position, after his special operations team was caught in a 360-degree ambush in Afghanistan's Shok Valley in April 2008. Even as he controlled eight Air Force fighters and four Army attack helicopters while perched on the side of a cliff, he laid down suppressing fire so wounded teammates could be extracted from the line of fire.

Sergeant Rhyner's actions that day were truly heroic, and his story has been rightfully used by many, including Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz, to illustrate what Airmen bring to the joint fight.

But I'd like to use his actions off the battlefield to illustrate another principle.

Earning the Air Force Cross was a big news story, and many interviews followed. Sergeant Rhyner's conduct during that time demonstrated his character almost as much as the Shok Valley experience did.

You find one word repeated over and over when Sergeant Rhyner is quoted: "We." "We had to pull the wounded guys out ...”

”Any other combat controller put in the same situation would have performed in the same exact way. Credit that to the training we receive and the process that we go through to become a combat controller." - Sergeant Rhyner

"I think that was the moment when the insurgents we were fighting called time-out."

"What was going through my head was we don't have another option. We are still taking fire. We need it to stop ..."

Even noted news personality Glenn Beck couldn't get Sergeant Rhyner to talk about himself.

“You make this sound like it was just, you know, another day at the office," Mr. Beck said in a Fox News interview. "But there are only – what is it? - 192 people who have ever received the Air Force Cross ... How do you put that together in your head? I mean, you arc in a very elite group."

Sergeant Rhyner's response?

"Any other combat controller put in the same situation would have performed in the same exact way," he said. "Credit that to the training we receive and the process that we go through to become a combat controller."

No other Airman would have been more justified in basking a little in the light of tame. Yet given the ultimate opportunity to make it "all about me," Sergeant Rhyner chose instead to make it all about "we."

That is a great, great lesson for all of us.

“It’s all about me" sometimes seems to be the mantra of our time, but that attitude has no place in our Air Force. We are taught from the first day we don our uniforms to subordinate our personal ambitions and desires to the needs of our unit, our service and our nation.

We can’t allow ourselves to get puffed lip because of rank or position, or to let awards and accolades go to our heads.

We know that "we" is a much stronger word than " I: ' What "I" can accomplish is insignificant, but what "we" can accomplish is virtually without limit.

Sergeant Rhyner understands that well. We can learn much from his great courage and selfless sacrifice in the line of duty. We can learn much, too, from his humble ability to avoid the vertical pronoun, even as the cameras rolled.

Editor's note: Air Force combat controllers go through their initial training in Keesler's 3341h Training Squadron.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Senior Airman Adam Servais Memorial Push Ups

Senior Airman Servais was in the rocky Uruzagan province in south-central Afganistan on Aug. 19, 2006, when the convoy he was traveling with came under heavy fire from insurgents. An estimated 100 or more concealed enemies began shooting from three sides. Immediately, Servais turned his Humvee’s machine gun toward enemy fire and began shooting. Rounds began exploding near the convoy. Servais turned over responsibility for the machine gun to another team member and began directing close air support to help suppress the insurgents. As he was talking with pilots overhead and spotting targets for them, a rocket-propelled grenade exploded behind Servais, killing him. Servais was a member of a Special Forces operational detachment that was working with Afghan National Army soldiers and Afghan police. He was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Valor on Aug. 25, 2006.
Don't forget your memorial push ups.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2010 Air Commandos Hall of Fame selectees released

Air Force Special Operations Command Public Affairs

8/13/2010 - HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. -- Air Force Special Operations Command officials announced the 2010 Air Commando Hall of Fame selectees 13 Aug., 2010.

These men were chosen for their significant contributions to worldwide special operations. Through their leadership and dedication, were instrumental in the success and accomplishments in the field of special operations.

- Lt. Gen. Donald C. Wurster
- Col. Richard F. Brauer Jr (Ret)
- Maj. William Grosvenor Jr (Deceased)
- Col. James B. Connors (Ret)
- Col. Kenneth H. Poole (Ret)
- Col. Walter K. Schmidt (Ret)
- Col. Russell E. Rakip (Ret) (Deceased)
- CMSgt. Michael J. Ramos (Ret)
- CMSgt. A. Eugene Adcock (Ret)
- CMSgt. Nicolas S. Kiraly (Ret)

These Air Commandos will be inducted into the Air Commando Hall of Fame during the Air Commando Association reunion banquet on Saturday, 9 Oct., 2010.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

SUAS Program Management - OCONUS

DESCRIPTION: Provide oversight of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) Program Management and training program while providing Joint Terminal Attack Control (JTAC) support and instruction. Interested individuals will eventually be qualified as both SUAS pilot and trainer. Personnel must develop and maintain SUAS specific training folders for maintenance of flight logs and SUAS training documentation. Personnel are required to train selected personnel in SUAS operations.

LOCATION: RAF Mildenhall, England.

REQUIREMENTS: A minimum of 2 years JTAC experience as defined in AFI 13-112 Volumes 1 and 2. A JTAC-I or JTAC-SEE qualification is highly desirable. Individuals preferably should come from either the TACP/CCT/Combat Weather or another SOF related field. Applicants must have a current Secret security clearance. A Top Secret security clearance is desirable.


Medical, dental, vision, and prescription insurance
Four Weeks of Paid Time Off
10 paid holidays
401(k) Retirement Plan with Employer Match
Company paid Short and Long Term Disability
Company paid Basic Life and AD&D Insurance
AFLAC insurance
Legal Resources Plan
Flexible Spending Plan for dependent care and healthcare expenses
Education/Tuition Reimbursement
Credit Union Membership
Recruiting Bonus Program
AND more….

CONTACT: Email resume and salary requirements to resumes@arrowmaker.com . Please reference your name and this job title in the subject line. WinTec is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). WinTec participates in E-Verify.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Air Commandos receive medals for vital role in combat operations

RAF MILDENHALL, England -- Three members of the 321st Special Tactics Squadron were presented with medals at a Purple Heart and Bronze Star ceremony on July 29.

Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Hannigan and Staff Sgts. David Ibsen and Jeffrey Dicicco, all combat controllers, were honored at the ceremony for duties performed during combat operations. Sergeant Ibsen received a Purple Heart for his wounds received in action, and Sergeants Hannigan and Dicicco were awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

Link to article: