Friday, August 29, 2008

Job Opp

If you know anyone with these skills would you ask them to send their resumes to Vic Tucker at

He needs folks with ground combat skills (Army Rangers/Green Berets; Navy SEALS; Air Force EOD/Special Tactics/Combat Air Controllers). If you know of anyone that has these particular talents, or knows how to find them......

Need them by 5 September, if possible.

Thank you
Victor L. Tucker
Northrop Grumman Technical Services
Manager, Air Operations and Training Support
Phone: 850-315-2237
Cell: 850-685-3643

Monday, August 11, 2008

Supplemental Promotions

Please add to the blog the supplemental promotions of:

MSgt Calvin Markham to SMSgt 21 STS Pope AFB NC
TSgt Troy Bowers to MSgt 24 STS Pope AFB NC
SSgt Jason Copeland to TSgt 24 STS Pope AFB NC


Volunteers Needed for Warrior Foundation Golf Tournament

The Combat Control Association is putting on a charity golf tournament for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation at the Fort Walton Beach Golf Club on 21 November 2008. We need at least 36 volunteers the day of the tournament to ensure the success of this event. This will be an all-day affair for volunteers and food and drinks will be provided. Duties will include manning the registration tables; directing players to their carts; selling raffle tickets, drawing, and posting winning numbers; selling mulligans; handing out player goodie bags and lunches; placing hole sponsor signs, filling and refilling refreshment coolers; manning refreshment points at the par 3s on the course; verifying shots and handing out playing cards on the par 3s; event tear down and cleanup; various other details that will need attention. Volunteers are not limited to CCA members. Anyone who wants to support this worthy cause is more than welcome to volunteer their valuable time. Additionally, we could use some volunteers in the near future to distribute sponsor packages to local businesses soliciting their support. POC is Charlie Rapp,

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

720 STG Lance P. Sijan nominees

On behalf of the 720th Special Tactics Group Commander please congratulate the following people who are the Lance P. Sijan Award winners at the STG level:

NCO: TSgt Erin Bowser (24 STS)
SNCO: MSgt Anthony Baldwin (STTS)
CGO: Capt Daniel Magruder (720th OSS)
FGO: Maj J. Parks Hughes (24 STS)

Best of luck at the next level, HOOYAH Team!

NW Loop Ride After Action Report

Hey Ronbo,
hope all is well and your not getting hit with a hurricane.
Life in the NW is absolutely awesome! This is the time of year that makes up for the 8 months of rain,snow, and hail. Anyhow, just wanted to put a blurb out about our ride last month.

I am proud to say that we were able to generate over 2k dollars for the Special Operation Warrior Foundation through Dave Smiths web page and selling of T-shirts for our 2nd Annual Northwest Loop Ride. We had 14 riders show up from Portland Fire Department and retirees from the McChord area. We knew that the weekend was going to be good but all of our expectations were greatly underestimated. The weather, road, and scenery were incredible. Best of all were the stories that came out every night at the end of the day. Not a single night went by that didn't end up with laughing to tears and wet pants. Of course we are all a little older and bladder control may be part of the issue but only a small part. People were very happy to buy our shirts and help the families who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Next year we are going to be bigger and better by inviting VFW's in the area and hopefully the McChord team will be off the rotation and be able to participate. Hope more of you will be able to accept the invitation for next years ride.

For you that bought T-shirts do not worry I will get a CD out to you very soon with all the pictures.

Take care,

Friday, August 1, 2008

Message from Col Brad Thompson

A message from Col Brad Thompson, 720 STG/CC, follows: Start Quote

Special Tactics family-

Late Thursday 31 July – we were notified that SSgt Shaun Meadows of the 22 STS team was wounded in action when the HMMWV he was riding in as rear gunner was struck by an IED. Sadly, his wounds include the amputation of both legs – one just below the knee and the other above the knee. He is receiving superior care and is being evacuated to Lahnstul, GE where fortunately, his spouse Nicole – also an AF member – will be able to meet him there.

As expected – the entire ST community starting w/ his leadership and team have done an extraordinary job ensuring everything is in place for him and embracing his family during this arduous time.

In order to allow the 22 STS to work this -- please direct any questions/queries you may have to the Group/vault. We will keep you apprised of his situation.

Please keep he and Nicole in your thoughts and prayers. End quote.

Radio Request

The Combat Control School Association has an urgent need for two radio sets for permanent display at the Benini Heritage Center, Combat Control School, Pope AFB, NC.

THE FIRST IS THE AN/PRC-66, man-portable UHF Transceiver. The AN/PRC-66(V) (NSN 5820-00-116-4467) is a compact, lightweight, tactical UHF, solid state manpack radio set. This radio set was designed to provide a full range of tactical communications within the tactical UHF band of 225 to 399.95 MHz. Modulation is in the AM mode. This set was originally developed by Collins of Canada. Like many other manpacks, the PRC-66 can also be vehicular mounted by the use of a vehicle adapter mount, MT-4260/PRC-66B. Additionally, a 15 watt rf amplifier, 943B-3, is also available. Both, rechargeable or throwaway battery packs are employed. An additional option for the RT is a "Guard Band" module.

THE SECOND IS THE AN/PRC-74 - man-portable HF Radio set, Special Forces, 2-12 MHz, SSB, 15W (PEP), 10.5-17VDC, battery operated from 70 BA-30 (Battery Box CY-?) or 10 BB-418/U batteries (Battery Box CY-6121) or 2 ea BA-386 or BA-4386 (Battery boxes CY-6314 or CY-7733) or from PP-4514/PRC-74 supply with 12-31 VDC input or 110/220 VAC, replaced by AN/PRC-70, Hughes, TM 11-5820-590-12/35, Major components: RT-794 Receiver-Transmitter and AS-1887 Antenna

A few of these radio have been sold on EBay and some are available through surplus dealers. Individuals interested in donating these items and other CCT equipment are encouraged to ship the equipment - along with a DONATION LETTER - granting permanent ownership to the CCSA Heritage Center. Maintain a copy of the letter - showing equipment value - for income tax donation credit.


Combat Control School, Attention: Mr. Ron Brown, 1 Matero Drive, Pope AFB, NC 28308.

Call Ron Brown at 910 583-6323