Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sir, a note for the ST Team,

MSgt Mike Bowers (24 STS/CCT) was injured Sunday night by fragmentation from a anti-personnel IED in OEF. He sustained superficial wounds to his arms and face and a penetrating wound to his right eye.

He is enroute back to WRAMC for surgery to re-construct the anterior chamber and a lens replacement. Doctors are optimistic that this can result in normal or near-normal vision if everything goes well but it is too soon for an official prognosis. Mike remains in high spirits and as anyone who knows him would expect, is taking advantage of the opportunity make a lot of hospital staffs day a little funnier and brighter.

His wife Laura will meet him in DC when he returns and is doing well. MSgt Mike Jones is the family liaison officer. We will provide more information as it becomes available. Please keep Mike and Laura in your thoughts.



Lt Col Wolfe Davidson
24 STS Commander

Operation Tango Mike celebrates seven years of supporting troops

Lake County News
This is to certify that the accompanying flag was carried on a covert night operation, by members of the 22nd Expeditionary Special Tactics Squadron, ...


Nashville Reunion

Al and Ron

I received a call from Billie Slayton this a.m. He has two requests of those who plan to attend his event in Nashville. First, all are reminded that the hotel will hold the 30 reserved rooms until 1 May, therefore those who are planning to attend should reserve ASAP to insure you have a room; secondly, he would like to have those who plan to attend confirm with him that you are going to attend in order that he may advise the restaurant of the projected headcount for the Saturday night meal. He requests you call or send an e-mail to him or me and I will forward all information to Billie.

A personal request for you Al. Would you bring one life member and three regular CCA coins to the reunion. I will pay you for them at the reunion or send you a check now, whichever you prefer.

Tim McCann

JTAC-I contractor requirement @ Fallon NV via SAIC

Job Category TRG - Training
Req ID 170147
Able to obtain security clearance? Top Secret Currently possess security clearance? Secret
Location Fallon, NV
% Travel 25
Relocation No
RecruiterID: 3434 Requirements Note to Managers: Job Descriptions, Job Codes, and QRCs are now located at https://issaic.saic.com/corporate/hr/hrstaff/jd-jc/?The Defense and Maritime Solutions Business Unit currently has an opening for a Training Specialist.

JOB DESCRIPTION: A current and certified Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) Instructor/Evaluator is needed to support an Instructor opening located in Fallon NV. The successful candidate will be responsible for providing JTAC classroom and field training, operation of a JTAC simulator, and student evaluation. Candidate must have combat related experience and the ability to interact with Navy Special Warfare students, staff and higher authority. The individual must be able to assess the current curriculum, develop and modify the curriculum when emerging combat capabilities become fielded, effectively integrate new instruction and be familiar with Modeling and Simulation
(M&S) systems associated with JTAC training. The successful candidate must have the ability to work on complex, combat problems in the field, assessing dynamic situations and conveying experience to the students.
Must have extensive operational experience in combat planning and execution as well as have the ability to train junior personnel. Must have the ability to establish objectives and assignments; identify curriculum short-falls and plan solutions to those short-falls. The position requires effective assessment of aircraft operations and is involved directly with aircraft weapons release of live ordnance in response to JTAC instruction. Must be comfortable with regular interaction with senior military and management.

REQUIRED EDUCATION/SKILLS: Bachelor's degree or 6 years of experience in lieu of degree. Recent or current JTAC-I/E certification required. Must have strong technical writing skills and a minimum of 2 years experience in instructing, and field instruction of JTAC students. DESIRED SKILLS:
Proficient in the use of current Navy Special Warfare/Seal weapons systems and communications capabilities. Knowledge of the Multi-Service Supporting Arms Trainer (MSAT) desired.

Naval Strike & Air Warfare Center
NAS Fallon NV
(775) 426-3803 (DSN 890)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

STO Colonel Selectees

The following personnel were promoted to Colonel:

Eric Ray 720 STG/CD

Kurt Buller Fellowship – Monterey, CA

Brett Nelson 23 STS/CC

Todd Woodrick National War College

Matt Davidson (2x years early) – 24 STS/CC

Glenn Palmer (2x years early) – Skunks/HAF

Saturday, March 20, 2010

JTAC Qualified Employment Opportunity in UAE

Non-JTAC qualified need not apply.


The United Arab Emirates, a Coalition Partner in Afghanistan and staunch ally to the US in the Global War on Terror, is seeking JTAC-qualified operators recently retired or separated to help build the UAE military's JTAC program. This UAE Air Force program will eventually be NATO-certified and will be built upon US doctrine with US guidance and assistance as required. The selected operators will be required to help draft doctrine, lesson plans, practical exercises, etc., using the Systems Approach to Training (this skill is desirable but not required) as well as teach all levels of Air-Ground Operations to students of all skill levels. JTACs should be current, with recent deployments to Iraq and/or Afghanistan, in a combat role. A minimum of 5 years as a JTAC is required, and it is highly desirable for the applicant to have served as a JTAC instructor/evaluator r. All applicants are required to submit their DD-214 with their resume and no more than two (2) letters of recommendation from former supervisors in the rank of E-9 or above at time of supervision. Applicants may be from any branch of service. This is an open-ended requirement, so the work contract will be for two years, and barring any derogatory events during their service, all employees will be renewed after each 2-year contract, if they so desire. All applicants selected for further evaluation will be vetted through the US Embassy in the UAE, so upon notification be prepared to submit other documents such as passport copies. Active security clearance is a plus but is not required.


Compensation packages are the best in the business, and will vary with each person hired. Salaries will range from $100,000 up to $150,000 per year, and an additional housing allowance will pay for a very nice villa on the economy. Every employee receives 2 business class tickets per year for each of your family members back to your home of record, along with 36 days of paid leave per year. Full medical/dental is provided through private insurance for all family members, and a household goods shipping allowance to and from the US is also provided. Up to 3 of your children will receive an education stipend that will cover most or all of their tuition at a school of your choosing, virtually all of which use American or British curricula that is recognized internationally. Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are a moderate drive from work (30-45 minutes) so you can live a very modern, Western lifestyle, yet still have access to exotic locations just a short drive away. The UAE happens to be one of the safest countries on the planet, so virtually every employee chooses to bring their family, taking advantage of this opportunity to be together in an interesting location. At the same time, employees get to work a challenging, very well-compensated job, building a combat capability that is designed to help continue America's, and the region's, fight against terror.


Send CV/resume, letters of recommendation, and dates of availability to Jason R. Neese at UAE-JTAC@hotmail.com. CVs should be limited to 2 pages and focused on recent activity, and all documents should be in PDF format. Expected start date is June 2010.


Monday, March 15, 2010

21 STS Silver Star Ceremony Announcement

To the ST community...

What: 21 STS Silver Star Ceremony for SSgt Caleb Heidelberg

When: 23 April 2010, 1000 hours

Where: Combat Control School, Pope AFB, NC

POC: MSgt Chris Morgan (21 STS First Sergeant);
email: christopher.morgan-02@pope.af.mil
phone: 910-394-1592
(DSN 424-1592)
cell: 910-229-7597


- COMAFSOC will be the presiding officer. He will present additional combat decorations to 21 STS and other Special Tactics personnel in the Pope/Ft Bragg area.

- Formal invites to follow o/a 1 Apr.

- The 3rd Annual Will Jefferson Texas Hold 'em Tournament will start at 1700 that evening (see attached flyer).

Lt Col Parks Hughes
Commander, 21st Special Tactics Squadron

Faculty Position Opening

Job Title: Assistant/Associate/Professor of National Security Strategy, AD-1701-3/5/7
Department: Department Of Defense
Agency: National Defense University
Sub Agency: NDU-National War College (NWC) Job Announcement Number: NDU-57-10

Salary Range: 97,346.00 - 155,500.00 USD /year

Series & Grade: AD-1701-3/7

Open Period: Monday, March 15, 2010 to Monday, April 12, 2010

Position Information: Full-Time This is a Title 10 Excepted Service Appointment. Appointment NTE 3 years with the possibility for extension.

Duty Locations: 0001 vacancies - Ft. McNair, Washington, DC

Who May Be Considered: All Qualified U.S. Citizens.

Job Summary:

The National Defense University (NDU) educates military and civilian leaders through teaching, research, and outreach in national security strategy, national military strategy, and national resource strategy; joint and multinational operations; information strategies, operations, and resource management; acquisition; and regional defense and security studies. NDU is an Information Age university for national security leaders; a learning organization founded on knowledge management; the center of excellence and innovation for professional military education in joint, multinational, and interagency operations.

National Defense University has five colleges (National War College, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Information Resources Management College, Joint Forces Staff College and College of International Security Affairs), three regional centers, three research centers, two institutes, seven special programs and a world-class library. NDU is fully accredited to award a Masters Degree from the Middle States Association and is considered the nation's premier Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) University.

C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\OLK42A0\USAJOBS - Search Jobs.mht

Friday, March 12, 2010

No Sh*t There I was. An Anthology of War Stories

I am interested in compiling stories from combat controllers for a book with the title above. "No Shit, there I was.... An Anthology of War Stories." My favorite part of gatherings has always been when my dad breaks out the war stories for company. It occurred to me that there are probably plenty of family members who would love to have those kind of stories written down in some official way. I read Steve Stipp's blog http://asiwc.blogspot.com/ "A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing" a few years ago about his experience going through CCS. The writing was so introspective and honest I found a whole new appreciation for what my dad did as a career Combat Controller. I think there are a lot of us kids and probably wives of Combat Controllers (and now grandchildren) who don't really have a true understanding of what the job actually is. I would love to have you guys tell us in your own words.

I am looking for funnier moments, but I'll take what I can get. Anything about the process of qualifying, CCS, training missions, the millions of schools you went to, and actual war stories. Once I see if current or retired combat controllers are interested in submitting stories for this book I'll see which publishing route to go. I'm thinking it will most likely be self-published. On the off chance that an agent wants the project, I want to make sure any proceeds go to the CCA or some other worthy charity. Just so you know, my interest is purely getting these stories put together for the families.

If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to have the project announced on the CCA blog. Anyone interested in submitting a story can email me at Jessicarrot@gmail.com

Thank you so much!

Jessica Juett Smith

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Request for Information

Jana Martinez, a CCT Widow (and CCA LA-744) is Requesting Assistance from Viet Nam Era CCTers.

She's trying to establish a VA claim and needs information from anyone who served with Louis "Marty" Martinez during the Vietnam War era. Official paperwork would be helpful reflecting time served in Southeast Asia.

Please contact her via e-mail

jana.martinez@fluor.com or via telephone at (864) 281-5772 or (864) 879-7427.

Col Kenneth Rodriguez (RZ) Retirement

Hello, please save the date, Lt Gen Wurster will retire Col Kenneth "RZ" Rodriguez on Friday/7 May at 1400 in the Airpark. Back-up plan in case of inclement weather is the USAFSOS Large Auditorium (Bldg 90503).

You are also invited to his Retirement Dinner on Thursday/6 May at 1800 at the Soundside Club. Formal invitations will be forthcoming. Please feel free to forward this email to members in your unit or others who we may have missed.

POC: Chief (retired) Mike Ramos, 884-4987 (Michael.ramos@hurlburt.af.mil)

Monday, March 1, 2010

TSgt John Chapman Memorial Push Ups

The President of the United States of America, authorized by Title 10, Section 8742, U.S.C., awards the Air Force Cross to TSgt John Chapman for extraordinary heroism in military operation against an armed enemy of the United States as a 24th Special Tactics Squadron, Combat Controller in the vicinity of Gardez, in the eastern highlands of Afghanistan, on 4 March 2002.

On this date, during his helicopter insertion for a reconnaissance and time sensitive targeting close air support mission, Sergeant Chapman's aircraft came under heavy machine gun fire and received a direct hit from a rocket propelled grenade which caused a United States Navy sea-air-land team member to fall from the aircraft. Though heavily damaged, the aircraft egressed the area and made an emergency landing seven kilometers away.

Once on the ground Sergeant Chapman established communication with an AC-130 gunship to insure the area was secure while providing close air support coverage for the entire team. He then directed the gunship to begin the search for the missing team member. He requested, coordinated, and controlled the helicopter that extracted the stranded team and aircrew members. These actions limited the exposure of the aircrew and team to hostile fire.

Without regard for his own life Sergeant Chapman volunteered to rescue his missing team member from an enemy strong hold. Shortly after insertion, the team made contact with the enemy. Sergeant Chapman engaged and killed two enemy personnel. He continued to advance reaching the enemy position then engaged a second enemy position, a dug-in machine gun nest. At this time the rescue team came under effective enemy fire from three directions.

From close range he exchanged fire with the enemy from minimum personal cover until he succumbed to multiple wounds. His engagement and destruction of the first enemy position and advancement on the second position enabled his team to move to cover and break enemy contact. In his own words, his Navy sea-air-land team leader credits Sergeant Chapman unequivocally with saving the lives of the entire rescue team.

Through his extraordinary heroism, superb airmanship, aggressiveness in the face of the enemy, and the dedication to the service of his country, Sergeant Chapman reflects the highest credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

Don't forget your Memorial Push Ups

4 March 2002