Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Opposing Forces (OPFOR) Technician

CCT Services, LLC is recruiting for potential positions at Cannon AFB, NM for an OPFOR technician. The company will be bidding on the Federal Contract in the near future and is looking for highly motivated individuals to fill the positions.
Desired qualifications:
Prior USAF Special Tactics (CCT or PJ) or SERE Instructor, USA Special Forces or Ranger, USMC Recon, USN SEAL or UDT. Special Operations tactical ground operations (ground-pounder) background. Experience with various US and foreign military weapons.
Required qualifications:
Ability to cooperate with other personnel in a high-tempo environment, in adverse weather and close quarters. Experience in outdoor tactical operations in all weather conditions. Ability to evaluate tactical situations and make quick changes to enhance the training environment. Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. Prior military weapons and munitions qualified. Possession of a valid state driver’s license. Good radio communications discipline.
Most Important:
Anticipated pay: $55,000 to $65,000 DOE. Benefits included.
Send your resume to:
Visit our website at <>

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Looking to hire Combat Controllers

I two have openings for former CCT member in the Fayetteville NC area working for a major corporation. Full time job, excellent salary, full benefits and a bonus program at the end of the year. I am looking for people with field experience who know there way around, Special Ops, Army, Navy and can work with FEMA. The main thing is know how the different services operate in the field so he can help solve problems. If the CCT'er is right it doesn't matter if he's old or young just that he is willing to work and be a self starter. Again, it is working with a company that has been in business more then 30 years, full benefits, and an opportunity for a excellent second career and a very good starting salary with bonus.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated. I can be contacted at 480 510 7779 or

Jack Hughes
LM 118

Friday, October 3, 2008

STS Combat Controller needed

I'm looking for a retired STS guy that preferably already lives in Tampa.
The job is here in the Lessons Learned Branch as a contractor. (may convert to civilian at some point) Needs to be willing to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan for up to 180 days a year, and the salary will be prorated for those period of times. Normal amount of TDY is probably 110 days.
Duties are simple. Collect observations, insights and lessons from a wide range of sources through interviews, surveys or observation and facilitating those into DOTMLPF resolution.
I'm not going to lie to won't get your adrenaline pumping like the old days...but it does keep you in touch with what's going on, and with any luck you may just save someone's life because of the information you collected!
Let me know if anyone is interested. I need resumes ASAP.