Thursday, June 27, 2013

2013 Technical Sergeant Select List Congratulations

Congratulations to our new Combat Control TSgt Selects:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CCA Directory Update Request

The following individuals are in the online directory with no email or mailing address.  Please provide your CCA with updates.
Thanks, MW

Charlotte Cox
Julietta Henry
Jeffrey H. Kilian
David A. Thompson
Francis E. Nugent Jr.
Michael A. Longoria
Roger L. Wildermuth
Robert W. Kinder
Richard E. Chabot
James H. Williams
Howard L. Hughes
Patrick M. Schott
Frank W. Shapira
Cecil L.  Griffin Jr.
William C. Card
Maurice Gentry
Paul S. Hines
Michael J. Payne
Kevin J. Harper
David M. Orange
Thomas M. Shoe
William M. Coffey
Gus Philippou
Daniel R. Medina
Jason S. Eggers
Light Scott M.
Randy J. Yarbrough
Memsie  Turner
James M. Jackson
Jonathan D. Hughes
Bradley A. Thompson
Justin Z. Brizuela
David G. Leighton
Richard K. Lubben
Mason J. Hoyt
Kevin C Eason
Michael D. Paulson

Kix Brooks Surprises Two Combat Veterans with Custom Built Homes Announcement at CMA Music Festival

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--()--Country music star Kix Brooks changed the course of the lives of two combat veterans and their families, announcing that the soldiers will receive custom built homes from the non-profit organization Operation FINALLY HOME. Brooks made the announcement from the Sunday night CMA Music Festival concert at LP Field.
Air Force Combat Controller Staff Sergeant Luke Van Dorston will receive a home in Thompsons Station, Tenn., and U.S. Army Sgt. Ronny Wiley will receive a home in Charlotte, N.C. Both builds are part of an Operation FINALLY HOME partnership with American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks and LP Building Products to build six homes for deserving veterans across the U.S. in the next two years. Franklin, Tenn.-based Carbine & Associates will construct the Van Dorston home and Classica Homes in Charlotte will build the Wiley home.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Retired USAF PJ needs our Help………

To all my friends and colleagues,

Please take a monument to read this tragic story that just happened to a friend of mine a retired USAF Pararescuman.  His name is James Sanchez but all his friends call him "Super" a fitting nickname for a super guy and "PJ".  James spent his whole life helping and serving others and now he is in need of some help, do to a series of unfortunate circumstances and events.

James worked is whole like as an elite special operations Pararescueman and reached the highest rank of Chief Master Sargent.  I had the great opportunity of working for James in the early 2000's just after 9/11.  James was my boss, friend and mentor and example to me of what a real military man and PJ is.  James is the real deal and you will never meet a finer American!  James never worked for money or cared to be rich, he took his modest military retirement and invested everything he had into to his dream ranch in Cuba, New Mexico, that was 100% paid for.  Because if the remote location of the ranch, he could not obtain fire insurance and last week the unthinkable happened and he lost everything.  He had the ranch paid off but now without any insurance he will have to remortgage the property to rebuild, not something he planed for or can really afford.  The new mortgage will put him in a finical bind and he will spend the rest of his life buying something he already owns and paid for once before.

James is well admired and loved by his family, friends, community and especially his fellow Pararescue brothers.  We are all coming together to try and make his retirement dream ranch from becoming a finical nightmare.  We have setup a website to help collect money from those who care and 100% of the funds go to James and his rebuild plans.  James is a Special Operation Combat Veteran with combat experience and extraordinary leadership skills that have molded, mentored and developed many other young men that deployed to war zones and disasters areas like Katrina.  I know this as a fact from personal knowledge as I was one of those men serving under Chief "Super Sanch" Sanchez.

Please take a monument to view the below sites and consider helping.  If you know of someone else that could and may want to help please forward this email to them.

Thank You,
Jim Carden and all friends of "Super Sanch"!

Friday, June 21, 2013

CCT 60th Anniversary Reunion Volunteer Opportunities

We're looking for volunteers for the 60th CCA Reunion 16 - 19 Oct 2013, both local and members attending the reunion.  Specifically looking for members to help with the following events/tasks.

1.  Hospitality Suite--initial stocking/set up/manning/clean up each day, need an overall POC

2.  Registration--each day, need an overall POC

3.  Welcoming reception--plan and execute this event

4.  Monster Mash--procure/set up/clean up post event refreshments for all competitors and volunteers, work with 23 STS Planner

5.  Golf Tournament--registration/set up/assist/cart girls/clean up, work with Rick Crutchfield

6.  Poker Tournament--registration/set up/run/assist/clean up, work with Mike West

7.  Memorial Service--set up/run/assist/clean up, need an overall POC

8.  Business Meeting--set up/assist/clean up, work with Mickey Wright

9.  Banquet--registration/set up/assist/clean up, work with Chris Larkin

10.  General Admin support

People can volunteer for a specific event or task otherwise we will start filling in the blanks.

v/r MW

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Battle of Mogadishu Special Operations Museum Display

                I just had a conversation with some folks representing the Special Operations Museum here in Fayetteville. They are putting together a very involved display on the Battle of Mogadishu.  They were here specifically to ask if they could display (and give us some PSA exposure) the shot up door Dan Schilling donated to our Combat Control museum here.  In the course of the conversation, they mentioned the majority of their information was coming from the Army (Ranger) side.  They were very interested in getting information/artifacts from the AF ST side of the house, both controllers and PJ's, and asked how they might get the word out and get in touch with some of our folks who were there or involved in some way.  I immediately thought of our "net" and thought I would write you to see if you could think of the best ways to spread the word.  Mr. Bartlinski, in the cc line, is the director of the museum. 
Thanks for any and all ideas and help,
Dan Kaster
Mr. Kaster,

                I very much appreciated you helping to get the word out about our Mogadishu exhibit.  As Dr. Suarez and I told you in our meeting, the exhibit will open on the 20th anniversary of the battle 3 Oct 13.  We are looking for artifacts from the battle, as well as interviews with veterans from the battle.  The interviews will be used in a 15 to 20 minute film our Visual Information Division on Bragg is creating for the exhibit.  The film will be shown in our museum theater as an intro to the exhibit.  Thank you again for your support.
                Jim Bartlinski
                U.S. Army Airborne and Special Operations Museum
                Fayetteville, NC 28301

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013

7th Annual North West Loop Ride

7th Annual NW Loop 2013

7th Annual NW Loop Ride
25,26, and 27th of July, 2013

This years ride is taking a different approach to the last 6 years of going in circles. This year we are going to base out of Leavenworth WA and going on day rides. For those of you who have been on the ride you know Leavenworth has always been a highlight on our adventure.  By staying here we will be able to enjoy our stay without concern of getting to point B on time. The hotel we are staying at has an outdoor pool and BBQ pits for our enjoyment. There is much to do in the area besides ride, white water rafting, rock climbing, hiking,(sounds like a team training trip from years past). It will be a gorgeous setting and the rides we go on will be second to none. 

North West Loop Ride Link;

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

STTS Graduation Invite

The Men and Women
of the Special Tactics Training Squadron
request the pleasure of your company at the graduation ceremony of
 "STTS Team 49"
 on Friday, the twenty first of June, two thousand and thirteen
at ten o'clock in the morning in the
Special Tactics Training Squadron's Fresques Auditorium
Hurlburt Field, Florida

We are honored to have as our guest speaker  
Colonel Glenn E. Palmer
Director, AFSOC/A3T
Hurlburt Field, Florida

R.S.V.P. by 20 June 2013
POC: Mrs. Ki'ilani Young-Lyons
Military: UOD
Civilian: Business Casual