Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Flags for Fallen


Welcome to Flags for Fallen Military. It is our goal to honor those soldiers that have made the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep freedom alive for you and for me. It is with a humble heart that we honor these men and women by placing a flag in their honor so that we all will be reminded of the sacrifice they have made to keep this country free. They have fought and died with honor keeping America and Canada the example of freedom throughout the world.

Please join me in honoring these brave men and women. Please
complete the volunteer and ethic forms below and faxed them back to the attention of: David Larson at 888-616-3420.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Dept of Homeland Security Positions

Please post the below link on the blog. More positions being advertised. Several locations across the country.

Harvey "PT" Perriott
Protective Security Advisor
North Texas District

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Air Commando saves lives in Afghanistan

Air Force Special Operations Command Air Commando saved lives in Afghanistan April 6 during a lengthy battle by calling in air strikes to protect his team.

Staff Sgt. Zachary J. Rhyner, 22, a special tactics Combat Controller assigned to the 21st Special Tactics Squadron at Pope Air Force Base, N.C., was deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom as the primary joint terminal attack controller while attached to special forces team Operational Detachment Alpha 3336, 3rd Special Forces Group.

Click link for article:

Wayne Norrad

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays from the 720th STG

Special Tactics family-

Happy Holidays from the 720th STG. Thank you and your families for all that you are doing.

As I write this, yet another year has passed w/ our Nation at war and many of you deployed w/ no near term relief in sight. In fact, as we may draw down in some places, we will most likely fill the gaps and seams in other places around the world. You have done nothing less than an amazing and magnificent job and I know that will be the case as we go forward. I ask for your continued patience and support, as you have heard many times over, this is a marathon as opposed to a sprint.

Each and every one of you and your family members are important, so please take the best of care over the holidays, be careful and come back to us safely. We need absolutely each and every one of you. As you already know, "one" person makes a difference in our business.

For those of us that can take a little time-off and purge -- please do so and enjoy and relish every minute... you earned it. But never forget why we are here and as you read this -- that we have men and women diligently serving down range protecting our freedoms and our way of life. They (you) serve quietly and faithfully as their families sacrifice back here.

Bottom line -- thanks for all you do and for a great year. You are most appreciated. HooYah and all my best-



Commander, 720 STG

Congratulations Mr. Steinbeck

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that Mr Mike Steinbeck has been selected as one of the Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict Division of the National Defense Industrial Association 2008 Achievement Award recipients. He is one of 7 award winners and will be recognized in February at the annual awards banquet. This award is a reflection of Mr Steinbeck's extensive military career and his continued dedication to the SOF mission as an instructor here in our squadron. Please congratulate Mr Steinbeck and thank him for his service.

Additionally, our Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen Norton Schwarz, will be recognized with the Rylander award and one of our recent graduates SSgt Ray Gutierrez will be recognized with an achievement award as well.

Our success here in the squadron and in the Air Force never ceases to amaze me, thank you for all that you do.

Have a Happy Holidays

Chris "LN" Larkin


Special Tactics Training Squadron
Hurlburt Field Fl

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ron Holder Passed Away

Ron Holder, CCA LM-129

Died on 14 December, 2008; after a battle with cancer.

Former Marine

Member of the starting class of Combat Control School at Sewart AFB, TN (65-1)
Was an instructor at Combat Control School when it was at Little Rock AFB, AR.
Stationed at Lockborne, Little Rock and I think Sewart. Also was on the Viet Nam team.
Don’t quote me but I think he retired as a TSgt. May have made Master; I don’t remember so well anymore. I’ve attached the same picture I sent out before but this one has been cleaned up a little by “JC” Cummings.


Merry Christmas from Your CCA

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Department of Homeland Security Positions

The Department of Homeland Security has some positions that just opened up yesterday.

The below link will take you to the USAJOBS website. Announcement closes December 17th so there’s not a lot of time. 10 different locations. WY, ID, MT, ND, SD, NH, DE, VT, RI, ME.

Harvey "PT" Perriott
Protective Security Advisor
North Texas District

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Combat controller's actions epitomize the ethos of special tactics

War Story: Combat controller's actions epitomize the ethos of special tactics

by Master Sgt. Dennis Brewer
352nd Special Operations Group

12/2/2008 - RAF MILDENHALL, England -- Staff Sergeant Robert Gutierrez, Jr., an Air Force Special Tactics Combat Controller assigned to the 352nd Special Operations Group at RAF Mildenhall, deployed to Afghanistan in early January 2008.

During one of many missions, Sergeant Gutierrez was on patrol searching for a high-value target when his Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha team was ambushed.

Traveling along a mountain road, his team's convoy took insurgent fire from the right of their position as they neared a bridge -- across from the compound they were to search.

Click E link for the rest of this article:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

24 STS Founder's Day March 13-14, 2009

E link for the 24 STS Founder's Day information site.

Vinnie Venturella