Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another Controller has passed

I regret to inform you of the untimely death of Eric C. Webster, age 53 who deceased on 12.18.13. The cause of death is not known at this time. Funeral services are being taken care of by Minnesota Valley Funeral Home at New Ulm, MN. Tentative plans for the funeral are on 12.23.13. Condolences may be sent to the Eric Webster Family at 53447 350th St; Lafayette, MN 56054. Eric graduated from the Combat Control School in Class 84-3, and served most of his time on the Combat Control Team at Littlerock, AR.
May he Rest in Peace,

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Controller has passed (Aug 2001)


                I was finally able to confirm with the Middle TN State Veterans Cemetery this morning that John Carl Vanlund deceased on August 14, 2001 at the age of 56. The cause of death is not known. He graduated Air Force Basic Training at Lackland on 05.04.65, CCS Class 67-2, and listed on a CCT Recall Roster at Dyess dated 1966.

                May he Rest in Peace,


Monday, December 9, 2013

Seeking Contact with Former Team Members

Name : Greg "Zip" Peterson, MSgt (Loadmaster (Ret))
Email Address :
Comments : I am assisting Eric C. Webster, who was on the Little Rock team in the mid 1980's with preparations for his death.  Eric suffers with Multiple Sclerosis and has been placed on Hospice.  Eric cross-trained to CCT from a 1st assignment of Nav Aids Repairman.  He graduated CCT around April 1984 and was assigned to the L/R team.  He was given a medical discharge in April of 1987.  I do not know if Eric is a member of your Assn, but I am asking that you pass his status on to those who are.  A letter from former team members would mean a lot.  Eric Webster, 53447 350th Street, Lafayette, MN  56054. 
You may use me as a resource. 

CCSHF - Shadow Warrior Stone - 2014 Name Update


The Combat Control School Historical Foundation (CCSHF) is undertaking a project to add names and update subject Memorial at the Combat Control School, Pope AAF, NC.   See attachment for details.

New names were solicited in early November 2013 for those deserving individuals not included on the stone in the last up-date, approximately two years ago.

As might be expected, some individuals were over-looked.  This effort is expected to "fill the slate" and once and for all, complete the project.

The cut-off for submission of new names is 31 December.

FUNDING - The Shadow Warrior Memorial is the single, most expensive project expensive project undertaken by the CCSHF.

Your contributions to the CCSHF, 2301 Robeson Plaza, Suite 102, Fayetteville, NC 20308 would be greatly appreciated. 

FINALLY, I do not have email addresses for all those to be added; see attachment.  Your assistance in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated.



Gene Adcock
1027  Isle of Palms Path
The Villages, Florida 32162
(352) 391-1269 Cell (352) 255-8156

Friday, December 6, 2013

CMSgt Carlos Neris last Reenlistment

CMSgt Carlos Neris is administered his last reenlistment oath by his son 2Lt Neris. Lt Neris is currently going through the CCT/STO pipeline and was able to take a break from training long enough to reenlist his Dad. Another chapter in CCT history has opened for a Neris as a Controller. Congratulations to both of you guys.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

John Chapman Portrait Project

I am looking for someone with skill painting portraits of people.  Why you may ask?  Great questions.  I have been tasked with creating a memorial/tribute to John Chapman and revamping the awardees plaque.  I thought it would mean more if one of our fellow CCT brothers would be interested in putting something together.  The Air Force Enlisted Heritage Museum already has a mannequin and CCS has a bronze bust of him.  I thought painting of him with an engraving of his citation, followed by the plaque would be a good representation for him.  I am in contact with JB to see if Valerie can send me some pictures and to see what she thinks of the idea.  If guys are interested please have them contact me at (423) 240-3475 or my personal e-mail at  Thanks and any input would be appreciated.


SSgt Justin Cantrell


(850) 884-5786

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Landsberg Arlington Ceremony Dec 4, 2013

Please join us in a final goodbye to our beloved Captain Neil C. Landsberg

Interment will be Wednesday, December 4 at 11:00am Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia

 Guests MUST gather at least 30 minutes prior to service, location to be determined.

Please RSVP to by November 18th.