Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Assault Zone Controller Position, Cannon AFB, NM

Controller Position, Cannon AFB, NM

We have 2 open term/temporary/part time positions with possibility to convert to full time positions. The plans for these positions are to work for 12 weeks (90 days on), then take off for 12 weeks (90 days off) and back again. You may have an option of continuous part time stream. These are 40 hour work weeks only. No overtime.

Requirements: Graduate of FAA/USAF Air Traffic Control School, 4 years experience in assault zone operations (drop zones, landing zones), current Class II flight physical prior to being hired, current and valid state drivers license.
For full time position, ability to obtain Secret Security clearance is required.

Benefits are not offered with the part time position. Full medical and dental benefits including 401K are offered with the full time position. POV travel/expenses are reimbursed at government rate after being hired.

If you are interested please send resume and salary requirements to or

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Bob Bieber said...

Bob Bieber, CCA(LM-151) & ACA(#105) sends comment as follows: Beware in responding to this announcement. It has been a horrible experience for me. I, along with Dave Netterville, responded to the original request for AZ controllers in Sep. We were hired, without employment contract, in Oct as full time controllers with benefits. One position was not filled. I began duty on 12 Oct, signed a six month apartment lease a week later, secured a class II physical on 23 Oct, granted security classified access on 23 Oct and was fired on 25 Oct. Reason cited in letter from Ms. Betty Barnes, Vice Pres, Human Resources for Akima Facilities Mgt, LLC (Contractor) was quote; "The company has a 90 day probationary period and it is our desire to terminate the employment relations during this period." The Akima employee handbook's Probationary Period paragraph reads quote; "For a newly hired employee, this period is regarded as part of the review process and shall be utilized for closely observing the employee's work, for securing the effective adjustment of a new employee to the position, and for separation of any probationary employee whose performance does not meet the required standards of work." In short that means you'll be let go if you can't perform in the assault zone controller position. I spent 13 years (1966-1979) as a phase II qualified combat controller and 7 months as an Assault Zone Controller for AIC (contractor) in 2004 -2005 at Moses Lake, Wash. I had all requirements met, am well qualified and capable- but fired. The acting Regional Director, Steve Bower, upon query stated that I'd "missed too many missions." The only problem with that was the fact that there weren't any missions to miss during my period of employment. Robert Kohon, the initiator had another agenda, obviously. Robert Kohon is not trustworthy. If I were asked to grade his management and people skills on a 1 to 10 scale he'd be 0(zero). And his cohort, Tim Arcadi, would be minus zero. This job announcement is quite revealing as the now two unfilled positions are identified as temp/part time without benefits vice fulltime with benefits as Netterville and I were hired under. BOTTOM LINE: I have hired an attorney to represent me in legal proceedings for wrongful discharge in an attempt to get my job back. I've been told it could be a lengthy ordeal and not fun. If you are considering an AZ controller position with Akima at Cannon AFB I am more than willing to discuss it with you and hopefully offer some suggestions/insights to keep you from what I can only describe as a horrible experience. Email: Tel:816-942-4872 Write or visit me at 1400 Fairway Terr. #26, Clovis, NM 88101.