Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jack Fanning Update

Jack was scheduled to be moved today to the VA in Dallas for interim treatment but is currently on delay pending air movement coordination.
If unable to move today, we hope tomorrow.

On the great news side, as of last night Jack began to regain some sensation in his stomach, buttocks and lower legs. This is a huge step and his status has been upgraded from C4 ASIA A (complete injury with not motor or sensory return below level of injury) to C4 ASIA B (sensory return below level of injury). ASIA B is commonly a transition phase to ASIA C or D which means motor return.

Jack is tremendously excited about his future and has called the shots the whole way. Once he had the tubes out, he turned his efforts to sensory/motor and has been successful at every step. There is no healing power stronger than the mind.

I would like to highlight again the tremendous support the Care Coalition provides to the injured of USSOCOM. They have absolutely made a difference in the lives of Jack and his family and have recently produced a 3 Br apartment for the family in Dallas and a modified 07 Dodge van for the Fanning's both at no cost. This is just a small snapshot of the countless events, services and support they have provided to Jack and his family.

MTF as he makes the transition to Dallas.

Lt Col Wolfe Davidson

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sammytaylor said...

Jack is back in Tx at the Dallas VA now.