Friday, May 28, 2010


VACANCY: Control and Recovery - Special Tactics Officer AFSC 13D3B Authorized Grade: Maj

CLOSE OUT: 15 July 2010

Commissioned officers in any U.S. Military branch, ORANG personnel who are eligible for commissioning, or personnel who are eligible to be appointed in the ORANG who meet the below requirements. All qualified applicants will be interviewed.

All application packages submitted must contain the following information:

Officers: resume describing education and experience, reference listing, a vMPF Records Review RIP, and a current Physical Fitness Assessment. Non-Air Force component officers must also include an AF FM 24.

Civilians and Enlisted members: resume describing education and experience, reference listing, a vMPF Records Review RIP, a current Physical Fitness Assessment, college transcripts, AFOQT score, letters of recommendation and an AF FM 24.

For questions regarding the application process, contact MSgt Elaine Nguyen at (503) 335-4057, DSN 638-4057. Submit completed packages to 142 FSS/FSMP, 6801 N.E. Cornfoot Rd, Portland, OR 97218-2797.

1. Specialty Summary:
1.1. Provides assault zone reconnaissance and assessments, terminal control, and personnel recovery (PR). Manages day-to-day operations of PR activities to coordinate PR system and organize, train and equip assigned personnel to conduct rescue and recovery operations; manages survival, evasion, resistance, and escape (SERE) programs; and surveys, establishes, and controls the aerospace surface interface in objective areas. Deploys as team member, team leader or mission commander as a direct combatant or to command and battle staffs to provide subject matter expertise to plan for and manage command and control for special reconnaissance, terminal control and PR operations. Related DoD Occupational Group: 220500.

2. Duties and Responsibilities:
2.1. Plans missions and manages PR, SERE, and control of the aerospace interface in objective areas. Supports joint and combined forces engaged in conventional and special operations air, ground, and maritime military operations. Advises on readiness of forces based on force status reports, inspections, training exercise and evaluation results. Coordinates, plans, and conducts PR missions, emergency trauma care, movement and medical evaluation of personnel.

Must maintain physical fitness and water confidence standards IAW AFI 13-219, Special Tactics Operator Standards and Evaluation Program, and AFSOCI 36-2204, Special Tactics Operator Training, throughout the training pipeline.


Commander, 142 FSS

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