Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mike LIsk Funeral Schedule

Dear CCT Brothers,

The following is the Viewing, informal Chapel, formal Funeral, and final Internment schedule for Brother Mike Lisk. Additionally, included is a special request for inputs to the “Living Testimony to Mike Lisk: In Memoriam” being put together by Robin Lisk for her family.

1 Sept 10, 0900 thru 2100, viewing at Hayhurst Funeral Home, Broken Arrow, OK. www.hayhurstfuneralhome.com

2 Sept 10, 0900 thru 1845, viewing at Hayhurst Funeral Home, Broken Arrow, OK .

2 Sept 10, 1900 thru 2100, Informal Mass for Michael Lisk at the Hayhurst Funeral Home, Broken Arrow, OK.

3 Sept 10, 1100, Formal Funeral Mass at St. Anne’s Catholic Church, Broken Arrow, OK.

3 Sept 10, 1300, The internment of Master Sergeant Michael Lisk, USAF Retired, at the National Cemetery, Fort Gibson OK. Full military honors will be given.

*** All Veterans, and active duty military personnel are invited and encouraged to wear their uniforms, if they desire.

3 Sept 10, Reception at St. Anne’s Catholic Church immediately follows the internment.

The closest major city to the events is Tulsa, OK (approx 25 miles away)

“A Living Testimony to Mike Lisk: In Memoriam”

Recognizing that the reach, and the scope of Mike’s friends literally stretches around the world, I want everyone to have the opportunity to be present at Mike’s funeral. You can be present physically, or in spirit by sending email inputs to the aforementioned “Living Testimony”. Robin, Mike’s widow, will compile all of the inputs into a special “journal” of sort, that all members of Mike’s family can have a copy of, and enjoy for the rest of their lives. If you want to mail your input, please email Robin Lisk and obtain their mailing address.

Each person is asked to make inputs to one, two, three or all 4 parts of the requested funeral event email input:

Part1: A 120 word (or less) msg to Mike Lisk that can be read at the informal chapel and/or the church service. Send a final personal msg to Mike thru this venue.

Part 2: A story of any length of something funny or noteworthy you did with, or knew about Mike Lisk. If you did not serve with Mike, just send a CCT story about the wonderful CCT Senior NCO’s that everyone can enjoy. Please keep it NC17 or less. This will most likely be read at the reception or afterwards.

Part 3: A msg to Mike’s children: Michael Jr. 38, Jennifer 29, Robert and Timmy, both 20. Please, using your very own words and style of writing; send a msg to the 4 children about their Dad. Share special thoughts about “Mouse” in this email memo to his children. I am convinced that special and tender words to his children, from his friends, will greatly exhort and honor the memory of Mike Lisk.

Part 4: Please email any pictures (no limit) that you might have of Mike. Additionally send pictures of yourself (then and now if possible). Mike’s family has been blessed with many wonderful stories of the Men that he served with. However, (like in so many cases) there are no faces to associate with the famous and infamous names, that they have heard about all of their lives, but have never met.

All of these emails complete with funeral msg, funny story, msg to children, and pictures will then be consolidated into the “Living Testimony to Mike Lisk: In Memoriam” that Mouse’s wife, children, sister, and entire family can enjoy for the rest of their lives. If this practice should become a tradition, possibly a copy can be sent to the CCA as a “living archive and testimony” of Brothers that have passed on.

Dear Brothers, none of the aforementioned 4 part items are mandatory. If you are able to attend in person, please do not feel pressured to wear your old uniform (that you may no longer fit into). We must handle death and sadness in our own personal way. The aforementioned suggestions have been made for those that want to participate, but cannot attend Mike’s funeral in person. Those who can attend in person are also encouraged to bring inputs for the “Living Testimony”.

Robin Lisk, has been deeply moved by the outpouring of love, tears, and support coming from Mike’s CCT family. She thanks all for their concern, affection, and love.

I also thank you all for responding so sincerely to the sad news about Bother Mike Lisk’s passing.

God Bless you all! God Bless our Nation!

Leo G.A. Fuller

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