Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Donnie Mirable is in the Hospital

Hi Allen,
I got some bad news Donnie Mirable, is in the hospital at the Audi Murphy Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. The doctors suspect cancer of the throat and spots on his lungs, hip, and stomach which will be confirmed this week. He wants to use his Del Rio address and his contact information is his wife Larri at 575-644-3050. He has lost 25 pounds in a month. He is pretty weak and cannot talk for long. He told me he would like to have some CCT members visit him in the hospital in uniform. He said seeing those young men in uniform sure makes him feel good. Would you be so kind as to get the word out to the people in CCT.............Emmet Heidemann

-I called Donnie Earlier today...I called him from here (Germany) and he sounds in great spirits.

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