Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brendan Gaughan Visit to ST

Cheer for Brendan during the NASCAR Camping Truck Series race on 29 July 7:30 PM, (televised on Speed Channel) in Indianapolis, Indiana. His #62 truck will be sporting a camo paint job adorned with a CCT logo on the hood, AFSOC logo on the trunk and the Green Feet and Lightning Bolt logo on the rear bumper. He’s going with the special paint scheme to pay tribute to CCT/ST and his friend, MSgt Phil Freeman (who is retiring in August)… Phil will be his guest at the race. Brendan’s Dad, Michael Gaughan, is an honorary commander of the USAF Weapons School at Nellis and he owns the South Point Hotel & Casino.

Like his Dad, Brendan has been an avid supporter of the military and has even done tours downrange. He is particularly supportive of AFSOC and ST. In past years he has attached the CCT, AFSOC, ST, and Special Operations Warrior Foundation logos on his trunk lid in tribute to those organizations… and at no cost to the AF. He’s been such an avid supporter of CCT that he was nominated and confirmed as an Affiliate Life Member of the Combat Control Association.

You’ll often see him wearing his CCT ball cap around the track and in driver’s meetings, etc. He finished third in the race at Kentucky last week and is ranked #10 in the overall standings. He races this Saturday, July 16th at 8:00PM, in Iowa and again July 22nd at 8:00PM in Nashville… with his normal South Point paint scheme.

Both are televised on the Speed Channel.

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