Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stan Braxton Injured in Motorcycle Accident

Stan Braxton (CCT, retired) suffered a stroke while riding his track bike at Barbour Motor Speedway near Birmingham, Alabama on Sunday afternoon. At turn 9 he never even affected the turn and drove straight into a barrier. He took a guardrail to the chest, broke his left hand, T-12 vertebrae, and has several smashed ribs. His injuries are so severe they have induced a coma and paralysis until he can be removed from the ventilator and breath on his own. We will not know the extent of any of his other injuries to include the stroke, until they are able to wake him up and evaluate him, so we are in a holding pattern for an extended period of time here at UAB Trauma ICU, in Birmingham.

Please keep Stan in your prayers. This isn't going to go away quickly, so we are in it for the long haul. I know you will be concerned and I will keep everyone as updated as possible, probably using SgtMacsBar.

I know how much you care about Stan and UAB is one of the best trauma centers in the US, so he is right where he needs to be... and I will keep you posted.


Carmela M. Braxton


Mickey said...

I am Mickey Braxton, cousin to Stan. My prayers are with the family.

Anonymous said...

I am Janice Pfeiffer, Shorty (W.C) Braxton's Daughter and cousin to Stan. Please know that our prayers are with you at this difficult time. May God watch over him and your family.

Janice and Richard Pfeiffer

Anonymous said...

Hi, Coke:
I heard the news at St.Matthew's Methodist Church. The word does get around. Stan's got a lot of people in his corner.
Keep the faith!

Shawn StumpSlayre Schultz

DiveBarGirl said...
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Tracy Party Hats Smith said...

Nabob and I are in this with you for the long haul. We will continue lifting up prayers for you, your family and Stan. You guys are strong. Day by Day.

Pat "Teats de Swamp" Shields said...

Teats de Swamp here:
I just last night got the msg about Stan's horrific wreck. He's on the prayer list at the church I go to and on an international Internet group I belong to. I sure hope he comes through this OK. The memory of the 1980's wreck is still fresh in my mind. With ALL my love, Pat Shields

Helen & John said...

From Temporary Relief and Cums On A Hog - thinking of all of you and wishing the best.

Anonymous said...

SFB and Hola here,

Just heard about what happened and wanted to let you know that we are pulling for Stan and you.

Scott and Caitlyn Parker