Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alamo Gathering II (Check writing info)

Running into a little problem here on the checks that the attendees are sending in. The checks must be made out to include my name in order to be able to cash them and enter them into the CCA mini reunion sub account here. i.e. "CCA Mini Reunion (Al Huddleston)" if the check are made out that way we will have no problem with the bank.
Would appreciate it if you would put a blog out to that effect on any attendees coming to the Alamo Gathering II at San Antonio please write their checks out to "CCA Mini Reunion (Alvin Huddleston)" . They must include my name on the check in order for the bank to cash them and credit the money to our CCA mini reunion sub account.

Send checks to:
12510 Green Darner
San Antonio, Texas 78253.


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