Thursday, April 5, 2012

Air Force Cross awarded to Capt. Barry Crawford

Dear CCA Members,
The Air Force will soon make an official announcement that Captain Barry F. Crawford, Jr., will be awarded the Air Force Cross for his extraordinary heroism during combat action in Afghanistan. Captain Crawford was assigned as a Special Tactics Officer at 21 STS when he earned the award. He is now assigned in a A-10 fighter squadron in the Maryland ANG awaiting a pilot training slot. The award ceremony is scheduled for 12 April at the Pentagon. The Combat Control Association (CCA) and Special Tactics community congratulate Capt. Crawford for his heroic action... making him the forth Combat Control Team recipient of the AF Cross.

Fraternally yours,

Wayne Norrad
President, CCA

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Anonymous said...

A hearty thank you to the CCA for remembering one of our own. ST and CCT have improved greatly in all ways in the last years to include recognition of their people. TY