Monday, March 18, 2013

“Big Andy” Inaugural Carry

On 15 March, 2013 the CCT Pope Brethren paid homage to one of our fallen, Andy Harvell, by introducing a new log for CCS.  This log is twice the size of the traditional “Motivation” and “Teamwork” logs many of us carried in our time at CCS. 
One side of the log has “BIG ANDY” carved into it; the other side has “Victory or Valhalla” with “HL” next to it.  TSgt Richard Rodriguez and TSgt Cecil Gilbreath did all the carving and painting of the log to prep it for the introduction to the school. 
A ‘flight line’ walk was the opening ceremony.  CCS cadre and support staff carried the log up the hill to the 21st STS, where members of the 21st carried the log another 2 plus miles to the vicinity of Green Ramp, where members of the 24 took it off their shoulders.  The 24 carried it to approx. ¾ of a mile short of CCS, where CCS cadre picked it up again and brought it home to rest in front of the Memorial. 
All, including class 13-002, gathered to do Memorials when the log arrived.  After Memorials, the log was officially transferred to 13-002 and carried to its home in THE PIT. 
The event was organized by SMSgt Innis, Commandant CCS.

See attached pictures.
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