Sunday, June 23, 2013

Retired USAF PJ needs our Help………

To all my friends and colleagues,

Please take a monument to read this tragic story that just happened to a friend of mine a retired USAF Pararescuman.  His name is James Sanchez but all his friends call him "Super" a fitting nickname for a super guy and "PJ".  James spent his whole life helping and serving others and now he is in need of some help, do to a series of unfortunate circumstances and events.

James worked is whole like as an elite special operations Pararescueman and reached the highest rank of Chief Master Sargent.  I had the great opportunity of working for James in the early 2000's just after 9/11.  James was my boss, friend and mentor and example to me of what a real military man and PJ is.  James is the real deal and you will never meet a finer American!  James never worked for money or cared to be rich, he took his modest military retirement and invested everything he had into to his dream ranch in Cuba, New Mexico, that was 100% paid for.  Because if the remote location of the ranch, he could not obtain fire insurance and last week the unthinkable happened and he lost everything.  He had the ranch paid off but now without any insurance he will have to remortgage the property to rebuild, not something he planed for or can really afford.  The new mortgage will put him in a finical bind and he will spend the rest of his life buying something he already owns and paid for once before.

James is well admired and loved by his family, friends, community and especially his fellow Pararescue brothers.  We are all coming together to try and make his retirement dream ranch from becoming a finical nightmare.  We have setup a website to help collect money from those who care and 100% of the funds go to James and his rebuild plans.  James is a Special Operation Combat Veteran with combat experience and extraordinary leadership skills that have molded, mentored and developed many other young men that deployed to war zones and disasters areas like Katrina.  I know this as a fact from personal knowledge as I was one of those men serving under Chief "Super Sanch" Sanchez.

Please take a monument to view the below sites and consider helping.  If you know of someone else that could and may want to help please forward this email to them.

Thank You,
Jim Carden and all friends of "Super Sanch"!

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