Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dick Brawley's Barrancas Cemetery Ceremony

From Dee Brawley; 

Tom and I are going to the CCT 60th in Florida, but we are also bringing Dick Brawley to Barrancas Cemetery for his full Military Honors Ceremony. We have made arrangements for Tuesday, 22 October 2013, after the reunion. The time of his service will be at 1400 hours. Some of Dick's family will be in attendance with us, but we wanted to let anyone in the area to know that they are invited and welcomed to join us. It was Dick's (" Rick to his family", although we all know there is only ONE Rick in CCT, and that is the Chief, Rick Crutchfield!)) final wish to be taken back to his hometown of Pensacola and Barrancas where his Dad(USMC, Ret) and mother, grandfather and grandfather are all buried. It has been a long time coming since his death in 04/2008 but finally we will accomplish it. I would be proud to see any of his "compadres" there, but I know with the reunion and the Commando reunion the week before CCT's, it is a busy month. I would be amiss if I did not share this information and invite any CCT "family" to join us. Love to all and may God continue to bless us....everyone. 

Best wishes from me, Dee Brawley and my most significant other, Tom Watson..........................

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