Tuesday, November 5, 2013

CCS Instructor Opening

We have an opening that we will need to fill from the CCT community.  Below is the old advertisement from 2008. If, we change it, I'll send you the updated one. I'll let you know when it is actually being advertised.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Please read below definitions of the specialized experience. Applicants must demonstrate that they possess one year of specialized experience by the closing date of this announcement. Specialized experience must be directly related to the position being filled, experience is described as:
Combat/Control/Special Tactics Instructor - participates in course development and/or course modification. Plans, organizes, manages, and conducts effective classroom academic, progressive laboratory application, physical fitness, air traffic control, open water skills, proficiency parachuting, weapon, demolition instruction in conjunction with field exercises. Instruction takes place in outdoor/indoor training laboratories and will require demonstration and participation in a full range of operational employment and extraction techniques and combat agility skill-sets/requirements. Incumbent must be highly physically fit, prior training as a diver, static-line free-fall parachutist with jumpmaster qualifications/certifications. Position is located at Pope AFB, NC

 SMSgt Scott Innis
Commandant, Combat Control School
COMM: (910) 394-1394