Thursday, April 24, 2014

Col Glenn Palmer Extortion Project

I am compiling pictures of Glenn over the course of his career, but I am lacking pictures that shows memorable events or embarrasses him.  If anyone out there has pictures, send me via email, snail mail, or if local I can pick them up.  I will return all originals to you.  Thank you and hope to see you there for this momentous occasion.



Karp said...

Hahaha! Good one....can't wait to see them!

Joelcct said...

You might get more responses from the Facebook CCT page.
My wife smashed a birthday cake in his face in Germany when he made fun of one the pregnant wives. I would love to see a pic of that again!

Anonymous said...

No pics. Just a bad memory of when Palmer was an A1C and was at Kessler helping Steinbeck with the pre-training program.

Every frickin' night we had to listen to Palmer sing that f'ing song. "We're Off to See the Wild West Show." One time I thought we were going to have to fight our way out of the AFEE's cantina. I still hear that frickin' song in my head!

Willie (Charleston Swim Club 78-80)

Anonymous said...

His ex-wife probably has the best Melinda Palmer as when she met Glenn after she got up he sniffed her seat & proceeded to put m & m's in his nose--he also often drank out of her shoes even if they were sandals....LOL