Wednesday, October 15, 2014

1st Combat Controller KIA, TSgt Richard L. Foxx 15 Oct 1962

Technical Sergeant Richard (Dick) L. Foxx was a member of the first detachment of "Jungle Jim" air commandos deployed to Vietnam, trained at Hurlburt Field in Florida, and code named "Farmgate." The unit was designated Detachment 2A. This group was the first to use Air Force Forward Air Controllers (FACs), using the call sign "Dora Corn." TSgt Foxx was a Combat Control Team (CCT) member. He was NCOIC, e.g. NCO in charge. He was considered a "pioneer" in the enlisted forward air guide program. He was killed while performing duties in a U-10. His plane was shot down near the village of Ban Me Thout, South Vietnam, while controlling air strikes for the U.S. Army Special Forces during operation code name "Powder Blue."

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