Tuesday, March 23, 2010

STO Colonel Selectees

The following personnel were promoted to Colonel:

Eric Ray 720 STG/CD

Kurt Buller Fellowship – Monterey, CA

Brett Nelson 23 STS/CC

Todd Woodrick National War College

Matt Davidson (2x years early) – 24 STS/CC

Glenn Palmer (2x years early) – Skunks/HAF


Anonymous said...

Congratulations.. Palmer.. I guess I should say Col. Palmer.. Golly you sure have come a long long way..

Kay Knight

Anonymous said...

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Jack said...

I never thought I would ever hear "Col. Palmer", what a world we live in.

Jack King

Anonymous said...

Hooda thunk!! My first thought when I read that Glen Palmer made Col was Holy Shit!!

I remember our days together in Germany and I'd have never guessed a smart ass like Glen would go that far.

Congratulations my friend.

Rich Beecher

claude said...
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