Saturday, March 20, 2010

JTAC Qualified Employment Opportunity in UAE

Non-JTAC qualified need not apply.


The United Arab Emirates, a Coalition Partner in Afghanistan and staunch ally to the US in the Global War on Terror, is seeking JTAC-qualified operators recently retired or separated to help build the UAE military's JTAC program. This UAE Air Force program will eventually be NATO-certified and will be built upon US doctrine with US guidance and assistance as required. The selected operators will be required to help draft doctrine, lesson plans, practical exercises, etc., using the Systems Approach to Training (this skill is desirable but not required) as well as teach all levels of Air-Ground Operations to students of all skill levels. JTACs should be current, with recent deployments to Iraq and/or Afghanistan, in a combat role. A minimum of 5 years as a JTAC is required, and it is highly desirable for the applicant to have served as a JTAC instructor/evaluator r. All applicants are required to submit their DD-214 with their resume and no more than two (2) letters of recommendation from former supervisors in the rank of E-9 or above at time of supervision. Applicants may be from any branch of service. This is an open-ended requirement, so the work contract will be for two years, and barring any derogatory events during their service, all employees will be renewed after each 2-year contract, if they so desire. All applicants selected for further evaluation will be vetted through the US Embassy in the UAE, so upon notification be prepared to submit other documents such as passport copies. Active security clearance is a plus but is not required.


Compensation packages are the best in the business, and will vary with each person hired. Salaries will range from $100,000 up to $150,000 per year, and an additional housing allowance will pay for a very nice villa on the economy. Every employee receives 2 business class tickets per year for each of your family members back to your home of record, along with 36 days of paid leave per year. Full medical/dental is provided through private insurance for all family members, and a household goods shipping allowance to and from the US is also provided. Up to 3 of your children will receive an education stipend that will cover most or all of their tuition at a school of your choosing, virtually all of which use American or British curricula that is recognized internationally. Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are a moderate drive from work (30-45 minutes) so you can live a very modern, Western lifestyle, yet still have access to exotic locations just a short drive away. The UAE happens to be one of the safest countries on the planet, so virtually every employee chooses to bring their family, taking advantage of this opportunity to be together in an interesting location. At the same time, employees get to work a challenging, very well-compensated job, building a combat capability that is designed to help continue America's, and the region's, fight against terror.


Send CV/resume, letters of recommendation, and dates of availability to Jason R. Neese at CVs should be limited to 2 pages and focused on recent activity, and all documents should be in PDF format. Expected start date is June 2010.


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