Monday, October 25, 2010

A5KB opening

A5KB has an immediate opening, 2-year term, we will attempt to convert to permanent or that failing, rewrite for another two years. 5 point veteran good, 10-point plus 30% better (system grants preference).
Attributes: need a motivated self-starter who can hit the street running. Our biggest weakness is PJ and SOWT, but obviously the right candidate trumps AFSC.

We have a heavy workload, need candidate(s) ASAP. We are hoping we can fill this from the "ST community" - any help you can provide is appreciated. Sorry for the short timeline, Mr Farris (from our office) took a perm position and gave us two week notice. If you have interest, send them to us and we will walk them through the system.




Mark W. Williams, DAF

Battlefield Airman Requirements


DSN 579-4832; Commercial (850) 884-4832


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