Sunday, October 3, 2010

Personnel Recovery Mission Officer

Personnel Recovery Mission Officer

Clearance Required: US government Top Secret/SCI security clearance
Citizenship: US Citizenship required
Number of openings: 4

Position Description:

Blackbird Technologies, Inc. is seeking Part-Time employees to work at OCONUS locations as Personnel Recovery Mission Officers (PRMO) in support of DoD contracts.

Duties while deployed:
· Advise and assist senior military personnel with establishment, maintenance and employment of Personnel Recovery (PR) policies, orders and procedures
· Assist with development, management and employment of traditional and asymmetrical PR capabilities
· Assist with management and employment of Evasion Plan of Action (EPA), Isolated Persons Report (ISOPREP), and DoD Blood Chit programs
· Produce intelligence summaries, white papers, after action reviews, operations orders, fragmentary orders, concept of operations and other products
· Brief products and operations to General Officers and other senior personnel
· Utilize all available intelligence assets and products, including those provided by inter-agency partners, to support recovering missing personnel
· Conduct feasibility assessments and develop courses of action to support PR incidents, missions and plans
· Template enemy Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) in support of Pre-emptive, Pro-Active, and Re-active PR events and missions
· Support and or conduct human remains identification, recovery, and processing
· Support and or conduct PR Coordination Cell (PRCC) and Unconventional Assisted Recovery Coordination Cell (UARCC) activities
· Accompany military units outside of established military bases to support sensitive site exploitation, mortuary affairs and other missions
· Develop and present plans of instruction (POI) as required
· Occasionally live in austere conditions for extended periods of time
· Regularly work extended hours, seven days a week, while at deployed locations

Required skills/experience:

Former Special Operations, Intelligence, SERE Specialist, or PR Professional
10 years experience conducting and or supporting PR and or SOF operations
Excellent operations and or intelligence planning background
Experience with Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) and intelligence preparation of the battlefield activities
Experience or aptitude to learn technical information collection equipment to support War on Terrorism objectives.
Computer skills in web-based applications, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, and various viewing software programs such as Falcon View, Google Earth, C2PC, M3, TIGER, Arc View, Analyst notebook, Live wire, Streets and Trips, and Map Point
Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills
Must work well both individually and in a team environment and be able to travel independently and operate for extended periods without direct supervision.
Be physically fit and able to operate in austere environments while wearing body armor and carrying additional equipment

Desired Skills/Experience/Education:
Experience as service/component PR OPR, GCC/TSOC PR or NAR OPR, JTF/CJSOTF PR or NAR OPR, Joint Personnel Recovery Center (JPRC), PRCC, JPRA PR Education and Training Center (PRETC) or PR Academy (PRA)
Graduate of JPRA PR 211, 215, 250, 271, 296, 297, 300, 301, 303
Graduate of service SERE Level C course
Experience with planning, coordinating and implementing Evasion Plans of Action (EPA) and developing and managing in-country PR capabilities
Service SOF staff, Geographical Combatant Command (GCC) staff, JSOTF staff, Special Activities Cell, Theater-Special Operations Command Staff, Regional/ Theater Operational Control Element, Intelligence analyst supporting the above activities.
ASOT Level II or III or similar qualification
Strong un-conventional warfare skills and experience
Bachelor’s Degree

· Expected OCONUS travel of 100 days per deployment – must be flexible to more or less travel time as required. CONUS part-time work will vary, but typically is not more than 14 days between each deployment
· CONUS sustainment and refresher training is required

Ronald R Mann

Program Manager

Blackbird Technologies

St Petersburg, FL 813 777 0164

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