Monday, November 8, 2010

American Heroes in Special Operations Book

Recently released book “American Heroes in Special Operations” written by Oliver North and edited by Chuck Holton has lots of ST warriors mentioned in it. I was called by the editor a few months ago and relayed some information to him. We hit it off pretty good since he was a former Army Ranger and jumped into Panama. He followed through with some good articles where ST warriors are getting equal recognition for their heroics. This is probably the biggest break though for our ST operators to be equally recognized with the Rangers, SEALS, SF, etc.

I bought my copy on, total with shipping was about $20. Read about Rhyner, Gutierrez, Stockdale, Cunningham, etc. The book also makes mention of SOWT and has a story on a Reserve PJ, Superman School (PJ) and lots about JTACs. Only disappointment was not much said about John Chapman. Overall… good stuff!



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