Friday, November 19, 2010

SSgt. Jeremy King Air Force's Top Combat Controller for 2009

SSgt. Jeremy King, a member of the 320th Special Tactics Squadron at Kadena AB, Japan, is the Air Force's top combat controller for 2009. The recently promoted sergeant earned the award after a year that saw him supporting combat operations from a remote firebase in Afghanistan and serving as the lead air traffic controller at an airfield in Indonesia after a devastating earthquake struck that nation. "To be honest, I didn't know there was an Air Force-level award for Combat Control Airman of the Year," said King. He added, "[T]his is a truly humbling experience. Combat control is a small community with so many outstanding warriors. To be recognized within this community is unbelievable." King has received the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Air Force Combat Action medals.


Anonymous said...

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jess said...

Atta boy, King! We are so proud of you!

claude said...

You are shining young example of what the Air Force and STS community brings to bear across any mission we face. Congrats and look forward to continued great things from you and the mighty 320 STS! HOO-YAH!

a3matrix said...

Way to go Jeremy. Getting it done!
Hoo Yah!