Thursday, September 29, 2011

21 STS Combat Controller awarded Silver Star

Air Force Special Operations Command Public Affairs

9/29/2011 - POPE FIELD, N.C. (AFNS) --

When you are an Air Force combat controller in Afghanistan "just doing my job" can make for a very eventful day at the office.

That is how Staff Sgt. C. Caleb Gilbreath described his actions in a running firefight against the Taliban in Konduz Province Oct. 30 to Nov. 6, 2008, earning him a Silver Star for bravery.

Gilbreath was assigned to a U.S. Army Special Forces team when his unit was ambushed by a large Taliban force outside of a local village. As mortar and rocket-propelled grenade rounds impacted within 15 feet of his position, Gilbreath directed pinpoint bomb strikes that devastated the enemy and halted the attack, according to reports.

Later, Gilbreath's team began a clearing operation in a nearby village when they again came under attack from an estimated 120 Taliban and foreign fighters, officials said. Surrounded by the enemy, the team reached the center of the town as bullets and shrapnel impacted Gilbreath's vehicle from all directions.


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