Wednesday, September 14, 2011

William T. Hall has passed

Sad news for us all... Will gave in late this afternoon 13 Sep 11. He has been resting very peacefully for days now. He told me on Sunday that he was nearly full and when he was full, he was done. I guess he was full.

We spent our last lucid moments remembering all the good times we've shared. We replayed all our wonder filled trips and wonderful visits with friends and family. He shared the weekend with friends and family. He played air guitar, air piano, and air trumpet along with the greats of country music being piped in through the speaker in his bed.

Will was the sweetest, kindest, friend and partner anyone could wish for. The hardest part has been having to watch him experience so much pain the last couple of months. Thankfully that pain has not touched him since we moved to this hospice on Friday.

On Monday. I made arrangements with a local funeral home for Will's cremation. After the paperwork is complete and he's ready to go, I will take him back to our Florida vacation home. Right now my plans are to have a cookout around the end of Oct. when many of our friends will be in town for a CCA reunion. I will let you know how our plans progress or change.


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