Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Col (Ret.) Charles "Chuck" Corey has passed away

Please pass this information to our membership.  I've gone through the CCA Directory and added many of the people who were teammates or knew of Col Corey.

It's with a sad heart to inform you that Col (Ret.) Charles "Chuck" Corey has passed away.  See link below provided by Red Ghormley for additional information and services.  http://burnhammortuary.com/

Col. "Chuck" Corey was a pioneer in Combat Control and was one of the finest CCT officers to ever wear a CCT beret.  He only left CCT because he out promoted himself from within the CCT officer ranks.  He was so highly regarded by Air Force leadership that he was either twice or three times a Base Commander, at Kunsan AB, Korea, Osan AB, Korea and I think at Clark AB, RP.
One of my favorite stories of Col. Corey was at the Langley AFB, Virginia NCO Club back in the early '70s.  In those days the separation of ranks and clubs was strictly enforced.  One evening at the NCO Club the Langley Team (1st Aerial Port Squadron CCT) were causing a little ruckus (drunk & disorderly). So the Security Police were called and came to investigate the situation. They asked each one around the table their rank, name, squadron and who their commander was.  They were obviously going to call the commander to turn these guys in for disciplinary action.  So around the table they each answered... it
probably went like this:  I'm MSgt Lou May, 1st Aerial Port Squadron and my commander is Lt Col Chuck Corey, then on to John Smith, Lee Everson, Bob Lanier, Joe Orr, Gus Phillipou, Derek Lyske, Gus Rhinehart, Waldoo Willis, Gil Bigelow, Wayne Dalton, Jim Donaldson, Bill Frankenberger, Dave Pearson, Mike Lisk, Larry Clausen, Don East, etc.  Then the last person at the table responded "I am Lt Col Chuck Corey and I am the commander."  No arrests were


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