Monday, June 25, 2012

News from J.C. Bradshaw

As J.C. works hard to recover from brain surgery to remove a tumor, he will begin Chemo and radiation therapy at the end of the week.  He’s able to get around pretty good and works hard at his physical therapy - hoping to begin the difficult treatment at the top of his game.

His symptoms first manifested from the brain tumor, but more tests revealed that he has a spot in his lung.  So, the doctors have now determined that he is fighting lung cancer.

 Please sent him your thoughts and wishes through either his snail-mail address at:  4049 Hull Rd, Snowhill, NC  28580, or through the email account that he shares with his wife Nancy:  J.C. still has a very bad hearing problem that makes phone communications difficult.

Brenda L. Hall  585-7037

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