Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mort Freedman Update

Mort was checked back into the hospital in the middle of the night.  He cannot move one leg and therefore he can't walk anymore.  Nita said he has not been eating.  John Cummings called and tried to talk to him, but his voice was very weak and his few sentences did not make any sense.

Nita is there with Mort most of the time.  You can try to talk with him by calling her at 63-908-892-4759 tel:63-908-892-4759.

John Cummings reports.


John Cummings said...

Mort is now scheduled to be released following treatment for pneumonia.

Ronbo139 said...

Mort Update - Good news

I guess Nita was pretty nervous when I talked to her a few days ago so she had painted a pretty bad picture of his health.

I just talked to her again and she said he had pneumonia. That had made him too weak to walk. He is eating well now and on the mend. She said they expect him to be released from the hospital in 2-3 days. I was unable to talk direct to Mort just now as Nita was away from the room when I got a hold of her.

Our mutual friend, Jim B, talked direct to Mort yesterday and said he sounded good and his cognitive skills were still pretty good.

Mort has relayed that he will fly to Manila on Sept 20th for a check-up at the VA clinic there. I won't be around at that time as I will be enroute to Kathmandu for my annual fall trek in the Himalayas.

Several people had indicated they might fly in to the PI to see Mort.
If anyone still wants to do that, I will be available for a CDO trip almost anytime between 20 Aug and 14 Sept. Otherwise maybe we can set up a reunion of sorts in Angeles after the first of the year.


Ronbo139 said...

From my friend Jim B.

"I just spoke with Mort and Nita (at 1405 PI time). Both Nita and Mort say he is doing well. When I was speaking with Mort, the nurses were in the process of removing his IV's, and he is in the process of being discharged. I'm going to talk with him in a few hours. If he indeed got out of the hospital I'll let you know. Again, he appreciates all of his friends keeping him in their thoughts, and says hello to all."