Friday, September 14, 2012

One year position in Djibouti.

Airfield Management Analyst:

      This position supports CLDJ N3 Airfield operations. Advisor to the Operations Officer on safe airfield operating conditions. Works closely with the Public Works Department in all phases of programmed airfield construction and responsible for the coordination of airfield construction and maintenance projects to include runways, taxiways, aircraft parking ramps and lighting systems. Provides assistance for airfield improvement activities such as airfield surface repair, painting programs and work crews. Plans, inspects, and directs airfield improvements, repairs, and continuing operations. Keeps the Operations Officer and Air Operations Officer informed of all upcoming projects, as well as the status of ongoing projects. Briefs maintenance and airfield personnel on airfield operations as well as the proper use of radios and basic communications procedures. Coordinates with the Djiboutian airfield authority on all matters that affect the commercial airport.


      So, basically it’s an Airfield Operations position.  I know you’re pretty well situated right now but my first thoughts are about reaching out to the CCT and AFSOC community and thought you might have a good POC.  The position does require a Bachelor’s and 5 years of relevant experience but that should not be an issue with your old community. 


      Let me know if anyone comes to mind and don’t hesitate to forward this e-mail if you  think it might get some traction!





      Joe Osborne
      Wittenberg Weiner Consulting
      Director, Defense Practice

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