Thursday, May 2, 2013

2nd Annual Sather Memorial Run

My name is TSgt Elizabeth Y. Harris, and I work at the 342nd Training Squadron which is the entry school for CCT/PJ/SERE. The memorial for SSgt Scott Sather was moved here from Iraq, and for last year we held the 1st annual SSgt Scott Sather Memorial Run.

I know this is last minute but we would like to give you the opportunity to participate virtually or donate to the run. Which is being held on 10 May.
All funds will be going towards the Intrepid Fallen Heroes fund in honor of SSgt Scott Sather and the Combat Wounded Warrior fund.

My hope is that next year we can send this out earlier in the year and allow you and former Combat Controllers to attend and participate. Attached is the flyer for the run, and any formal questions/verification of information can be directed towards my First Shirt MSgt Jamie Williams at 210-671-5929.
Thanks in advance for reading my e-mail. Have a wonderful Air force Day.

TSgt Elizabeth Y. Harris
342d Training Manager

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