Thursday, May 30, 2013

CCA Donations


IAW our By-Laws: When notified of the passing of a Life Member, the association may fund a remembrance in honor of the deceased.  When requested by a surviving family member, a contribution to a charity of choice can be made in lieu of flowers. 

Your CCA has made donations as follows:

--Dimitrie Milinovich, Lost: 7 February 2013, LM-0616, Obit requests a donation to his CHURCH in California, the CCA is made a $100 donation

--K. B. Duncan, Lost: 12 April 2013, LM-0981, Obit requests donations to the Crosswell Home for Children, 11 Crosswell Dr., Sumter, SC 29040, the CCA made a $100 donation

--Neil C. Landsberg, Lost: 9 May 2013, LM-0952, Obit requests contributions to the or, the CCA made a $100 donation to the SOWF (

--Bob Miller, Lost: 31 March 2013, LM-0987, Obit lists no donation information, follow up, Rick Crutchfield and Charlie Tappero.

v/r MW

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