Thursday, July 18, 2013

OpHawkeye/Rise and Fire 2013 Honoring Harvell and other AFSOC Heroes

Operation Hawkeye” (OHe), a mission launched by my son Will to honor fallen U.S. Special Operations forces (SOF) warriors and rally support for their loved ones using sport,

Will initiated OHe following the 8.6.2011 shootdown of the Extortion 17 team by Taliban forces, see CBS Evening News at;flexGridModule, and subsequently expanded the mission to honor all SOF fallen and support their loved ones at the urging of Admiral McRaven and other members of the SOF community.  The story is recounted in the current issue of Sports Illustrated KIDS,, and in an accompanying video feature,

OHe unites the general public and the SOF and basketball communities to close an awareness gap regarding the sacrifices of SOF warriors and their families.  The team numbers over 37,000 from across the U.S. and grows by thousands monthly ― individuals, private enterprises (small and large), non-profit organizations, athletes (both basketball and competitive shooting), teams, coaches, and media figures and writers ― on a shared mission to honor fallen SOF warriors, inform others of their sacrifice, and act to support those left to carry on, OHe is not a nonprofit, but rather works closely with and augments the efforts of supporting organizations such as the Air Commando Association/Foundation, That Others May Live Foundation, and others that directly support the SOF community.  The attached materials provide details on the background and breadth of the mission, as well as information on related activities and initiatives. 

I am writing on Will’s behalf to ask that you consider joining the OHe team, and for your assistance in alerting the CCT community and support network, including enterprises that play a meaningful role in outfitting, training, or otherwise supplying CCTs, that Will is dedicating his 2013 RISE and FIRE Shooting Challenge, htt:// to honoring Andrew Harvell along with the two PJ’s that fell on 8.6.2011, John Brown and Daniel Zerbe.  In addition, he will be striving to raise $30,000+ for their causes and loved ones.  The Challenge calls for Will to make 3,300 3-point baskets, and 3,300 free throws, over Labor Day weekend.

Specifically, we could use your help in two critical areas:

1.        Alerting the CCT community that Will and the members of his Operation Hawkeye mission team will be honoring these heroes, and the AFSOC community more generally, over Labor Day weekend. tens of thousands will be honoring them.  Neither Will nor our family is well-positioned to get this message out to them.  The bottom line of Will’s mission is to let the community know how grateful we are for their service and sacrifice, and so we need help from folks in the CCT family like you and Mickey to move the word through your grapevine.
2.      Alert the CCT support network of suppliers and service providers that Will could use their help with donations and/or match pledge donations in connection with RISE and FIRE.  Three companies have already stepped up with match donations, designed to help maximize the value of grassroots donations from individuals and smaller, local enterprises.  We need to continue to build on that foundation over the next few weeks, so that when Labor Day weekend arrives, prospective grassroots supports will know every one of their donations hold significance in accomplishing the overall objective.

Thank you for giving this request consideration, and for anything you might do to support this endeavor.  We look forward to your reply.  With

Warm regards,


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