Monday, July 22, 2013

Passing of Wayne Barnett

Wayne Barnett, 
   A former Combat Controller passed 15 July as a result of complications following surgery.  He was or would have been 70 years old this month.  He retired in the early 80’s he lived in Waco, TX after retirement then moved to Killeen, TX.  

  He will be having a Military burial on Wed, July 24.  Time and location of services and burial is unknown.  His CCT history was 67-68 Vietnam, 68-71 1st SOW CCT England AFB, LA (TDY on project 404 July 70 –Jan 71), 72-74 3rd Aerial Port Sqd. Pope AFB NC.  Being a P304 he also had DAS/TAS (Direct Air Support/Tactical Air Support) time prior to Vietnam and a short stint at Ft. Bragg before Pope.  

  He left Pope via Palace Chase for Avionics on the new F111’s in mid or late 74.

Take care Rudy

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