Monday, March 3, 2014

DMOC Senior Analyst Position


I was contacted today to see if I was interested in the Senior Analyst position below. I think they need to fill it pretty quick.

Can you guys put this out on your Facebook any other sites that pertain to CCT, TACP and JTAC? I don’t do facebook.

I never post on Linkedin but, this one, I did.

They want to pay about 85K but the recruiter said a guy could get 92-95K. I SAIC is losing money while no one is in the seat.

Looking for an Air To Ground SME, not just a pilot. Advanced level JTAC will fit.

Phillip Freeman, Contractor

AFSOC Special Tactics SME
Odyssey Systems Consulting Group
Office: (850)710-5007
Cell: (702)738-0448

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