Friday, March 28, 2014

SMSgt (Ret.) Mort Freeman has passed 27 March 2014

Mort's funeral will be in the Barangay near his house about 15 miles from Cagayan De Oro.  Dates will be determined later today, but I suspect visitation will start tomorrow for 3-4 days.

I am not a big flower person, but this kind of thing means a lot to Filipinos.  If you want to send flowers for Mort you can mail a check to:

                James Bird
                2372 Happy Lane
                Oak Harbor, WA 98277

(Some background on Jim.  He was the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union manager for the last few years of Clark AB.  He was one of Mort's closest friends and he has handled Mort's USA banking and numerous personal items since Clark AB closed.)

A small stand of flowers costs about $25 and a Medium to Large stand costs $60.  Just mark the check as FLOWERS for Mort.  Send me an email at when you mail the check to Jim and I will front the money so that by Monday morning the flowers are in the funeral home outside Cagayan De Oro.

My Filipino partner, Aida, is flying to Cagayan De Oro on Sunday to represent Margarita Station since Mort was the General Manager for years.  She will purchase flowers for anyone that wants to send them. 

After the funeral Mort's remains will be cremated.

I'm currently enroute to Nepal.  In May when I return from Mt. Everest area I will quick turn and meet up with Jim Bird in Cagayan De Oro.  He will arrange for several banca boats for 15 May 2014.  IAW with Mort's wishes we will put his ashes to rest on the reef a few hundred yards from his home.  Anyone that wants to attend the ceremony on the 15th is welcome to join us just let me know so I can coordinate hotel rooms and transportation in CDO.


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