Friday, September 12, 2014

Job Opening looking for Retired CCT

We are looking for a retired SNCO with outstanding work ethic (should be no problem coming from you).  A degree is NOT required like the advertisement says, experience in lieu of degree will be acceptable. 
Don't let the job description scare off some of your best candidates, we have a team of five (currently) that can help with some of the computer stuff. 
Applicants must apply through the website!!!

CAS-FL-HU-14:001: Software Tester - Hurlburt Fied, FL

Category Software Development
Group CAS Group
Location FL-Hurlburt Field (CAS)
Schedule Full Time


Ronbo139 said...

We haven't gotten any applicants... College, don't need it and just need them be knowledgeable on the software you ground guys use... ATAC and future programs.


Keith Schwarz
SOMPO DT System Analyst
CAS, Inc., subsidiary of WYLE
Comm: 850.884.5659
DSN: 579.5659
New Email:

Rokyan Lime said...

I think you're not getting applicants because you're only looking for retired SNCO from a very small career field.
"We are looking for a retired SNCO"


JOEY said...

Thought peeked my interest. Former Army Infantry and Armor Officer, then enlisted CCT (123 STS). Qual'ed JTAC. Bachelor's Degree. Own my own business. Work well on teams. Love FWB. Love Hurburt. Miss making an Impact. Not a Retired SNCO.