Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sad day in CCT history

The greatest single combat loss of Combat Controllers in South Vietnam occurred 4 Oct 1967. One elements of CCT under the leadership of MSgt Charles a. Paradise, was being transported on a combat mission aboard an Air Commando C-123.  The aircraft did not arrive at the scheduled destination. Search and rescue efforts eventually located the downed aircraft near Dong Hoi, South Vietnam.  All aboard was KIA.  Lost were MSgt Charles Paradise, TSgt Fredrick Thrower, A1C Gerald Gauthier, and A1C William Jerkins.  Their brave names are engraved on the CCT memorial stone.  Dear comrades, your untimely deaths leave us with a profound sense of gratitude for your great service and sacrifice!  You died as you lived:  United in team-ship!


Anonymous said...

It was a shocking announcement.

Gene Adcock said...

I just returned from the Combat Control School and visited the Fallen CCT Warrior Monument while there. There are so many good men listed there. May they rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

If I had known the history of CCT when I was a controller, I had been better. RIP my brothers.