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Assault Zone Controllers, Cannon AFB, NM

Location: Cannon AFB Type: Full time Posted on 09/11/2015

Job opening ID
Roles and responsibilities
Job purpose
Burgos Group is seeking qualified and certified personnel necessary to ensure Special Operations Assault Zone (SOAZ) control; Landing Zone (LZ), Drop Zone (DZ), Helicopter Landing Zone and Forward Area Refueling Point Surveying; Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Ground Observation; Safety Observation and Opposing Forces (OPFOR) Augmentation are performed at Cannon AFB (CAFB), Melrose Air Force Range (MAFR), and other deployment locations. The team will be responsible for LZ and DZ setup and control, RPA ground observation, DZ circular error scoring, HLZ and FARP surveying and accident and/or incident reporting, as required.
Task Areas and responsibilities
• Landing Zone Controller (LZC) provides air traffic control (ATC) and meets responsibilities as required by AFI 13-217 and FAAH JO 7110.XX. Provides landing zone set up, control and safety monitoring support, which will be mission specific and can include, but not be limited to dirt LZs, military installations and commercial and/or municipal airports
• Drop Zone Controller (DZC) provides DZ control as required by AFI 13-217. Responsible for providing drop zone control and safety monitoring for all aircraft conducting airdrop training operations. Type of drops will include, but not be limited to, Heavy Equipment (HE), Container Delivery System (CDS), High Speed Container Delivery System (HSCDS) and MFF/Static Line Personnel. Must be fully knowledgeable of all markings, procedures and radio procedures as required by AFI 13-217. Provides circular error scoring for all airdrops and is familiar with DZ special procedures such as Ground Marked Release System (GMRS) and Verbally Initiated Release System (VIRS)
o Personnel must have a minimum of four (4) years’ experience in Air Force Specialty Code 1C2X1, P273X0, P272X0D or equivalent in the performance of LZ/DZ duties as outlined in AFI 13- 217, Chapters 2 and 3, and satisfactorily completed a Department of Defense, Department of Transportation ATC course or the USAF Combat Control Operator Course. A prior or current ATC Tower certification is highly desired.
o Contractor personnel must complete the approved AFSOC DZCO and LZSO training, complete all required local orientation and be certified.
• Surveyors provide DZ, LZ, Helicopter Landing Zone (HLZ) and Forward Area Refueling Point (FARP) surveying in order to determine adequacy of DZ, LZ, HLZ, and FARP locations. Must be knowledgeable of the guidelines in AFI 13-217, AFI 11-235, any applicable Engineering Technical Letters (ETL), and Flight Crew Information Files (FCIFs)
o For surveys, assigned personnel must be a graduate of the Survey and Assault Zone Assessment (SAAZA) Course conducted by the Combat Control School.
• Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Ground Observer. Another duty is to perform flight following traffic advisories and provide asset protection to RPA aircraft while operating in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Class “D” and Class “E” airspace and “Right- of- Way Rules as designated by the mission/training scenario.
o RPA ground observers must have completed sufficient training to communicate with aircraft pilots and provide any instructions necessary to maintain clear separation of aircraft subject to conflicting traffic. This training, at a minimum, will include knowledge of the rules and responsibilities described in 14 CFR 91.111, Operating Near Other Aircraft; 14 CFR 91.113, Right-of-Way Rules: Except Water Operations; and 14 CFR 91.155, Basic VFR Weather Minimums; knowledge of radio communications, including the use of approved ATC/pilot phraseology, FAA JO 7110.65, and knowledge of appropriate sections of the Aeronautical Information Manual.
• Safety Observer. The safety observer oversees visiting ground units conducting air land and airdrop operations. Primary duty locations are Melrose Air Force Range and Cannon AFB, NM. Other locations may vary dependent upon mission as specified by the government. Safety Observers ensure visiting military units conduct LZ and DZ operations safely and in accordance with local instructions.
o Safety Observer duties require Melrose Range certification as a Tactical Range Safety Officer (TRSO)/Range Lead (RL).
• OPFOR Augmentation. When scheduling permits, team may be required to augment OPFOR operations during 27 SOW training missions by role playing as opposing forces. Team will be trained in accordance with the OPFOR OI.
• Additional Duties. In addition to the above duties, various team members will be responsible for additional duties to include contract manager, assistant contract manager, lead surveyor, equipment custodian, environmental, safety and health coordinator, security manager and training coordinator.
• Must have and be able to maintain a SECRET level clearance
• Must possess and maintain a valid and current FAA Class II flight physical issued under 14 CFR 67 or equivalent medical standards and maintain this requirement while performing under this contract. All personnel must be medically qualified prior to assuming duties and be able to perform services on a daily basis.
• Must be willing to submit to drug testing as required by the government
• Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English.
• Must have a working knowledge of the organizational interface of military, federal, state, and local agencies as applicable to all operations under the contract and be familiar with military command and control structures.
• Must maintain the physical capabilities to perform the duties listed and be able to safely lift and carry at least fifty (50) pounds.
• Personnel are required to transport and use munitions and explosive devices such as smoke grenades, ground burst simulators, simulated ammunition, and other training pyrotechnics within the boundaries of Melrose Air Force Range. Personnel designated to handle munitions and explosive devices must have, or have the ability to, obtain and maintain a valid AF Form 483, Certificate o

Looking for 1 maybe 2 STS members who have separated recently. Those interested can go to www. under careers to apply. If they have any questions they can call me at 509 531-1947.

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