Wednesday, September 23, 2015

CCT Job Opportunities with MMM

We are requesting resumes and will be conducting interviews for experienced (minimum 6 years) former Air Force special operations and tactics personnel.  We would like to hire as many disabled/medically-retired/wounded warriors as possible.
We need experienced personnel to provide guidance on safety, nutrition, physical fitness workout plans, mental dexterity, and use of proper exercise techniques to ensure candidates reach their full potential in preparation for their Course of Initial Entry (COIE) into Pararescue (PJ), Combat Control (CCT), Special Operations Weather (SOWT), Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician (EOD), Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Specialists, and Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) career fields. This support is required to provide expert physical and mental development and coaching, enabling the Air Force to effectively develop candidates to their fullest potential to meet increased SO/CS requirements.
Approximately 2,000 SO/CS candidates (550 PJ, 250 CCT, 275 TACP, 275 SERE, 500 EOD, and 70 SOWT) will enter the Air Force’s Delayed Entry Program (DEP) each year and require coaching, physical development, and SO/CS lifestyle preparation. For entry into these specialties, a minimum of two successful PAST are required: one prior to reserving a position for a candidate and a final PAST administered within 30-days prior to a candidate shipping to BMT. An initial PAST is required within 30 days of the applicant being identified by the recruiter as a candidate for an SO/CS specialty. If the initial PAST cannot be performed within 30 days, extensions will require AF SO/CS Program Manager approval. Due to PAST failures, multiple tests may be required resulting in approximately 12,000 tests per year. Contractor will provide at least one developer per field location to prepare candidates to meet the physical standards of the PAST and develop/coach SO/CS candidates (see paragraph 4.4). Approximately 2,000 SO/CS candidates will enter BMT each year. The BMT CDSS Developer may also administer PAST evaluations at BMT to recruits that were not previously identified for SO/CS specialties while in the DEP.
REQUIREMENTS:  General experience as a PJ, CCT, SOWT, EOD, SERE or TACP.   Candidate shall be a former PJ, CCT, SOWT, EOD, SERE or TACP who served in various operational positions and have a minimum of 6 years (post training) in their community while on active duty. Personnel shall have either retired or left their respective community in good standing with a minimum of an Honorable Discharge.
Other Requirements (training may be provided):
Leadership and Management experience in SO/CS career fields (CDSS Program Manager/Deputy Program Manager at JBSA-Lackland)
CPR Certification (all CDSS Developers).

Personal Trainer Certification (all CDSS Developers).

Lifeguard Certification (all CDSS Developers).

First Aid Certification (all CDSS Developers).

Education: High school graduate or equivalent (all contractor employees).
Maintain a degree of personal fitness. Contractor needs to lead by example in this area. Specifically the contractor must be able to maintain a level of physical fitness to demonstrate proper techniques and exercise tactics to all applicants/candidates.
Possess the ability to demonstrate and explain all points of performance for exercises included in the PAST.
Contractor personnel will be required to effectively communicate through pro-active coaching and leadership skills. This coaching and leadership of SO/CS candidates will be conducted in the highest ethical manner, to maintain the standards of the SO/CS communities.
5.10. Have a proficient understanding and working knowledge of computer e-mail, voice mail, and telephone texts to perform duties.
We’re looking for folks in the following locations:
JBSA-Lackland TX
311 RCS (Canonsburg PA)
317 RCS (Oxon Hill MD)
332 RCS (Nashville TN)
337 RCS (Shaw AFB SC)
341 RCS (San Antonio TX)

345 RCS (Scott AFB IL)

361 RCS (McChord AFB WA)
367 RCS (Colorado Springs CO)
313 RCS (North Syracuse

319 RCS (Hanscom AFB
336 RCS (Moody AFB GA)
339 RCS (Clinton Township MI)
333 RCS (Patrick AFB FL)

338 RCS (Wright-Patterson
343 RCS (Offutt AFB NE)
347 RCS (Milwaukee WI)
362 RCS (March ARB CA)
368 RCS (Hill AFB UT)
344 RCS (Arlington TX)
349 RCS (Tinker AFB OK)
364 RCS (Sacramento CA)
369 RCS (Encino CA)
314 RCS (Burlington NJ)
331 RCS (Gunter Annex)

Send resumes to: or thru our website at  Responses required NLT 15 Oct 15.

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