Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bernard "BT" Santos has passed

CCA Member Bernard "BT" Santos (A-90047) died from an apparent heart attack on Dec 7, 2015.


Member Les Hall LM-743 passed on the following information:


I just learned that a guy who served in Combat Control in the '50's or early '60's has passed away.  Bernard (BT) Santos.  I believe he was also a pararescueman.  Some old timers may remember him.  Not sure if he was a member of the CCA.


I found out from a posting on a Facebook site for retired Los Angeles ARTC Center folks.  Santos was a computer tech or operator and also a lawyer for the FAA.  Here's the post.


Some of you old timers might remember a former ZLA employee for AF and a friend of mine for the last 40 years. Bernard "BT" Santos passed away of an apparent heart attack on December 7th 2015. He lived in Carson City NV. BT was retired AF Special Services and worked ZLA as a Computer Operator on the HOST floor. He went to law school, got a law degree and took a position in the Alaska Region as one of their Regional Counsel in ~1977. He retired about 20 years ago.

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