Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Combat Control Association Directory Updates

For the following CCA Members:

Please provide current mailing address, phone number, email, spouse name, etc. so we can update the CCA Directory. Please include Ron Childress in your response mailto:excct@mchsi.com . He's the directory guru these days.

Matthew Allen
Tony Baldwin
Bruce Barry (Congrats on retirement)
Bryan Cannady
Spencer Cocanour (Congrats on 21 STS/CC)
Justin Conelli
Chris Crutchfield
Jason Daniels
Wayne Dalton
Wendy Argel-Allison
Jack/Melynn Fanning
Marshall Farris
Mike Fazio
Mike Flatten
Brendan Gaughan (Great Mini reunion at South Point-Thank your Dad)
Sean Gleffe
Don Hood
Scott Innis
Jerry Kung
Neil Landsberg
Mike Longoria
Ed Loughran
Chris Lugo
Adam Malson
Andrew Martin
Mike Martin
Shaun Meadows (How's the new house coming along?)
Jake Miller
Steve Moss
Brett Nelson
Bob Neumann
Glenn Palmer
Dave Pearson
Bob Rankin
Jay Regan
Dan Schilling
Mark Smith
Dean Thompson
Billy White

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