Friday, August 10, 2012

Let’s Have a Reunion

I'd like to propose a reunion in Angeles from 1-10 Feb 2013. 

I'll get Mort in Angeles for that time along with other local CCT guys Doc Jones, and Mike Williams.  This reunion shouldn't be limited to CCT guys, but anyone we worked with us from our SF comrades to the aircrews and the support folks.  Please pass this initial notice on to folks on your mailing lists so we can get it to anyone that might like to join us.

Margarita Station will set up a 15% discount on food & beverages for all attendees.  Additionally I'll host a pool BBQ's during the time frame.

Additionally, I can get hotel discounts at a variety of hotels. 

For other events, I can also set up

*     one or more golfing days for those that are interested.
*     a base tour so you can see what has changed at Clark
*     A group bar hop one evening
*     Mongolian BBQ

I have 4-5 guest rooms available.  One will be reserved for Mort and the other 3 will go on a fist requested basis.



LImaEcho said...

Great idea.

Bev said...
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